Deferment, Forbearance, and Cancellation


A deferment is a period of time during which the repayment of principal or interest of your federal or institutional student loan may be postponed temporarily. 

Tufts institutional loans will continue to accrue interest while in deferment. Any unpaid interest that accrues during the deferment period may be added to the principal balance of the loans.


A forbearance is a postponement of payment on a loan. However, during the forbearance period interest continues to accrue. Unpaid interest that accrues during the forbearance will be added to the principal balance of your loans, increasing the total amount of the loan.

Each loan type has different deferment, forbearance, and cancellation options and requirements. Please research the options available for each type of loan you have. 


Cancellation is the release of the borrower's obligation to repay all or a designated portion of principal and interest on a student loan. This is also known as discharge or forgiveness of a loan. The Federal Student Aid website provides details on the types of situations that allow for loan cancellation. 

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