Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) Annual Timeline

Application Available September 1st
LRAP application details can be found here
Application Deadline December 1st
Completed applications and all required supplemental documents must be received no later than December 1st. This deadline is recurring annually.
Award Notifications Sent April
Award notifications, including decline notifications and award acceptance packets, will be emailed out by the end of April.
Award Acceptance Package Return Deadline May
All completed award acceptance documents must have an original signature and hard copies must be returned by mail.
Employment Recertification Forms Sent June 1st
If awarded and accepted, then you will receive an LRAP Employment Recertification Form by email at the end of the required nine-month employment period. This form is intended to verify completion of your qualified LRAP employment.
Employment Recertification Form Return Deadline July 1st
Employment Recertification Forms must be returned by July 1st.
After your LRAP-eligible employment has been recertified your LRAP Promissory Note will be canceled.
Award Checks Mailed August
Award checks will be mailed to the address provided on your application unless alternative arrangements have been made with the LRAP Administrator. To ensure timely delivery always notify the LRAP office of any changes to your mailing address. 
Please note that the award checks themselves are not processed or mailed out of the LRAP office.
Immediate responses are crucial for LRAP to comply with posted deadline dates. All questions regarding LRAP guidelines, program qualifications, awarding, award check processing, and disbursements should be directed to the LRAP Administrator at lrap@tufts.edu before the deadline date.