Re-Orientation Program

We organize reorientation activities at the beginning of each semester to help ease the transition back to campus after studying abroad. You will find information about registration, advising, and credit from abroad at the reorientation academic advising session, and the reorientation dinner will enable you to connect with others also returning from abroad. We will send an email with the date and location of these meetings to your Tufts email account. You can also find these activities listed on our calendar of events.

All students who participated in Tufts Global Education programs will also be invited to “debriefing” meetings at the beginning of the semester of your return. These meetings will give you an opportunity to talk about your experience with the program with the Medford staff of Tufts Global Education. We use this information to assess what elements of our programs are working well, and which could use revision. We will email you with the date, time, and location of these meetings.