Planning and Applying

Study abroad is possible for every student, but planning early (ideally in your first or second year at Tufts) can make the process go more smoothly and leave more options open to you. Begin by watching the four-part "Study Abroad First Steps" video series (found below, on the right-hand sidebar) or by attending an in-person meeting, and then discuss your plans with your major advisor, so that he or she can help you plot out when you will take your various degree and major requirements; we recommend saving a few of the more flexible requirements for study abroad so you will have more options with regard to program, location, and course selection. As you begin the process of selecting a location and program, you will want to consider the factors listed below, but we also encourage you to do ample research on your intended host community, its cultural norms and attitudes, and what your individual experience in that host community might be.

Here are some of the most important factors and steps that typically go into the decision to study abroad:

Comparing Tufts and External Programs

Financial Aid and Funding

Academic Credit

Application Process: Tufts Global Education Programs

Application Process: External Programs

Timelines for Application

  • For Tufts Global Education Programs: February 1 of the academic year prior to study abroad (e.g., February 1 of sophomore year to study abroad with Tufts in Hong Kong spring of junior year)
  • For External Programs: Typically in the semester prior to the intended semester abroad (e.g., October 1 for spring semester abroad); deadlines are set by the program provider