Planning and Applying

Study abroad is possible for every student, but planning early (ideally in your first or second year at Tufts) can make the process go more smoothly and leave more options open to you. Begin by watching the "Study Abroad First Steps" presentation  or by attending an in-person meeting, and then discuss your plans with your major advisor, so that he or she can help you plot out when you will take your various degree and major requirements; we recommend saving a few of the more flexible requirements for study abroad so you will have more options with regard to program, location, and course selection.

Students who wish to study abroad for a semester or year MUST submit their 'Intent to Study Abroad' in the fall of the academic year prior to the academic year in which the student plans to study abroad (e.g., November 1, 2022 for study abroad in 2023-24).** This is a mandatory step in order to study abroad; students who do not register their intent by the deadline will not be eligible to study abroad. (However, it is non-binding and you may later choose *not* to study abroad.) As you begin the process of selecting a location and program, you will want to consider the factors listed below, but we also encourage you to do ample research on your intended host community, its cultural norms and attitudes, and what your individual experience in that host community might be.

** Students who indicate their intention to study abroad will not receive an on-campus housing lottery number for that academic year and may choose to be placed on a waitlist for on-campus housing. Questions about the waitlist and housing-application process should be directed to Residential Life.

Here are some of the most important factors and steps that typically go into the decision to study abroad:

Comparing Tufts and External Programs

Financial Aid and Funding

Academic Credit

Application Process: Tufts Programs Abroad

Application Process: External Programs

Timelines for Application

  • For all students wishing to study abroad for a semester or year: Students must register their 'Intent to Study Abroad' to Tufts Global Education in the fall of the academic year prior to study abroad. For study abroad in the 2023-24 academic year, students must register no later than November 1, 2022. This is a non-binding process, but students who neglect to submit an 'Intent to Study Abroad' by the deadline will NOT later be eligible to study abroad. So, if you have *any* interest in studying abroad, you must submit an 'Intent to Study Abroad' registration (but please read above note regarding the impact on your participation in the on-campus housing lottery). This process informs the university that a student plans to spend a semester (or two) of the next academic year abroad; once the 'Intent to Study Abroad' is submitted, students may then apply for either of the two program options:
  1. For Tufts Programs Abroad: February 1 of the academic year prior to study abroad (e.g., February 1 of sophomore year to study abroad with Tufts in Hong Kong spring of junior year)
  2. For External Programs: Students must begin their application process to external programs by declaring their program of application through Tufts Global Education by February 1 of the academic year prior to study abroad*. A link to the TGE portion of your external-program application can be found on our list of approved programs ('Apply' button); you must submit this portion along with or in advance of your program-specific application (deadlines and links set by program provider). *While you may not yet know the exact program you'll participate in that far in advance, you should submit a declaration/application for your top-choice program; we can adjust the exact program later if need be.