Program Details

Accommodations and Meals

Tufts students are housed in single rooms within residence halls at the selected institution and all halls are coeducational.  Some are on campus (QMUL, RHUL), some within walking distance (UCL, LSE) and others require a commute (SOAS, UAL). The halls are self-catering with shared kitchens, and students are given a stipend for food and meals.  


Orientation programs are held prior to the start of term both by Tufts in London and by the UK universities themselves. In addition to attending various information sessions and meeting professors and departmental advisers, there are full programs of social activities and sessions on the British language, how to get around London, positive mental health, budgeting, how to get involved in the life of the city, and how to plan out your time abroad.

Student Activities

Tufts in London arranges free or highly subsidized trips, cultural events, and group meals throughout the semester – recent events have included a behind-the-scenes tour of the House of Commons and a fish and chips dinner at one of London’s oldest ‘chippys’. More information can be found on the Tufts in London website, and all events are subject to current Covid legislation.

Each partner institution has an active Student Union that offers a wide range of activities and opportunities to all students, from sports, performance groups, and clubs to religious, political, and cultural societies. Some, like QMUL, LSE, and UAL, have additional special events for their study-abroad cohorts.

Program Dates

(Please note that dates are approximate and do not include any potential quarantine periods.) 

Each Tufts-in-London partner institution will have slightly different term dates, but, in general, the fall-semester program runs from September* to December, and the spring-semester program from January until mid- or late June. Full-year and spring-semester students should be aware that they must complete the full program and cannot leave early for an internship or summer job.

*Depending on which course is selected at UAL, the fall semester may begin as early as late August.