All students are expected to enroll in a minimum of four courses (or equivalent full-time load at the host institution) each semester. Students in the main track of Tufts in Paris must take at least one course each semester in the French university system (students at Sciences Po, Beaux Arts, PCA, or Centrale Supélec must take all of their courses through the host institution). Three in-house courses are offered by Tufts in Paris during the fall semester, and a fourth in-house course on French and the European Union is offered in the spring. Full-year students majoring in French are required to take either the in-house French language or French literature course each semester unless exempted by French faculty. Semester students must take at least two in-house courses, including French language, but students who have completed 100-level French courses at Tufts are strongly encouraged to take no more than two in-house courses and enroll in at least two regular French university courses. The art history course meets once a week, mainly in museums, whereas all other Tufts courses meet twice a week. Regular French university courses meet once or twice a week, depending on the course and institution.

The Tufts-in-Paris in-house courses:

Advanced French Language (FR 121 in fall; FR 122 in spring)
Written and oral expression, with an emphasis on contemporary usage and culture, current events, and French academic writing skills and methodology. (This course may be taken in addition to FR 121-122 in Medford.) Offered fall and spring semesters. 

French Society in French Literature: The Art of Love, Middle Ages to 18th Century (fall: French P 31/191)
French Society in French Literature: Paris in Literature, 19th to 21st Century (spring: French P 32/192)
Study of important French authors and texts analyzed in their socio-historical context. Texts and themes vary from year to year, but have included works by Melle de Scudéry, Molière, Racine, , Voltaire, Louise Labé, Musset, Baudelaire, Balzac, Zola, Camus, Marguerite Duras, and Jacques Réda. Students who have already completed FR 31 or 32 (or both) in Medford must do extra work in order to receive 100-level credit towards the French major. In that case, the course will appear as FR P 191 (fall) and FR P 192 (spring) on the Tufts transcript. 

France and the European Union from 1945 to Present (spring only: PS or HIST 340)
An overview of key historical and political events from WWII and leading up to the creation and ongoing expansion of the EU. Specific topics may vary but generally include domestic politics since World War II, France’s role in the creation of Europe, its current role within the EU and relations with other EU countries, French perspectives on globalization, major historical events and social movements in France, and current events in France and Europe.

History of French Art : Middle Ages to 20th Century (fall or spring: FAH 340)
Chronological survey of French art and architecture from the Middle Ages to the present, with an emphasis on works and monuments in Paris. Classes and lectures take place mainly in the museums of Paris, Louvre, Orsay, Picasso, Marmottan, Montmartre Museums and are complemented by field trips outside of Paris each semester to places such as Vincennes, Giverny, and St Denis Basilica. Fall semester covers the Middle Ages to the early nineteenth century; spring semester focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century artists and movements. 

You can take no more than three in-house courses each semester and must select remaining courses from among the offerings at Tufts’ partner institutions in Paris: Paris III (Sorbonne Nouvelle) and Paris VII (Université de Paris). Students who have completed 100-level French courses at Tufts are strongly encouraged to take no more than two in-house courses and enroll in at least two regular French university courses. Prerequisites may apply in certain courses; all advising and final course selection occurs in Paris and must be approved by the resident director. Course offerings for the current year may be viewed on the websites below.

University Courses

For current course listings, please check our partners' websites:

Partners on the primary track of Tufts in Paris:
Sorbonne Nouvelle
Université de Paris - Paris Diderot

Please consult the list of courses taken through our partner institutions in recent years. 
Note: The list is not exhaustive and course themes and availability vary from year to year.

Partners on the specialized tracks of Tufts in Paris:
Sciences Po Paris (full-year only) 
Paris College of Art (full-year or fall semester only) 
Beaux Arts- ENSBA (spring semester only)
Centrale Supélec (spring semester only)

The following are the most popular/relevant subjects available to visiting students at our French university partners listed above.

Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • CAV : Cinéma et audiovisuel
  • ICM : Institut des communications et médias
  • IEE : Institut d'études européennes
  • IET : Institut d’études théâtrales
  • ILPGA : Institut de linguistique et phonétique générales et comparées
  • LGC : Littérature générale et comparée
  • LLFL : Littérature et linguistique françaises et latines
  • MC : Département de médiation culturelle
Université de Paris - Paris Diderot
  • Chimie
  • GHES : Géographie, histoire, économie et sociétés 
  • IHSS : Institut Humanités, Sciences et Sociétés: Etudes psychanalytiques; Histoire; Philosophie des sciences; Sciences sociales
  • Informatique
  • LAC : Lettres, arts et cinéma: Parcours études cinématographiques; Parcours lettres; Parcours lettres et sciences humaines
  • LSH : Lettres et Sciences Humaines: Arts du spectacle; Géographie; Histoire; Histoire-Géographie; Lettres et arts; Lettres sciences humaines; Lettres-Histoire; Lettres-Sciences du langage; Sciences économiques et sociales; Sociologie
  • Mathématiques
  • Physique
  • SDV : Sciences du vivant
  • UFRL : Linguistique
Sciences Po (full year only)
  • Economics
  • History 
  • Humanities
  • International Relations
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
Paris College of Art (fall or full year only)
  • Fine Art
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Photography
  • Interior Design
  • (Note: Art History is not available to our students)



Full-year students may apply in the fall for a non-credit internship, beginning in early February and consisting of two full days per week (for 8 weeks). If you are interested, you must attend an informational meeting in October and submit your résumé in French to the internship coordinator by November 1. Previous Tufts-in-Paris students have undertaken internships primarily in French or international non-profit organizations, but also in art galleries. You may need advanced French skills for certain types of internships. Interviews are conducted in French, and the organization offering the internship makes the final decision. All interns complete 110-120 hours of service and must submit a final internship report and do an exit interview in French in order to receive transcript notation.