Preparing to Return to Tufts


Here is how to register for your next semester at Tufts.

  • The Registrar’s office will send an email to your Tufts account regarding course registration for the semester of your return, so you will want to monitor your Tufts email account while you are abroad.
  • You may register online, through SIS. Course listings and registration instructions are located on the site. Although you should consult with your academic adviser regarding your course choices, no “academic adviser release” is required for students registering from abroad.
  • You may also register by email or fax by contacting Student Services via email or by phone at 617-627-2000.
  • If you are unable to register using online or by email or fax, you may submit the registration form by mail, in person, or by proxy. Please include your full name; your Tufts ID number; your email address; your telephone number; and the class number, department number, section, and title of each class you want to register for, and send to:

Student Services
Dowling Hall, Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate department if you need to register for high-demand courses. Remember that high-demand registration usually takes place a week before regular registration.

If there is a course (or courses) that you absolutely must take the following semester, you must make prior arrangements with the professor or department in question, explaining your situation and asking that a place be reserved for you in that course. Although admission to courses cannot be guaranteed, selecting courses or sections of large lecture courses that meet at less popular times, placing your name on a waiting list, and attending all classes during the add/drop period usually results in admission to otherwise full courses.

Since most students returning from study abroad are seniors, the chances of gaining admittance to courses are fairly good. However, it should be clearly understood that you may not be able to arrange precisely the schedule of courses that you would like, and you should take this fact into consideration in your decision to study abroad.

On-campus Housing

If you would like on-campus housing for the semester of your return to Tufts, please refer to the Office of Residential Life’s housing selection procedures, policies, and timeline.