We care about protecting your privacy. Counseling is most effective when you feel comfortable speaking openly with your counselor.

We abide by current codes of professional ethics, as well as by state and federal laws protecting your private health information.

No information about your contact with Counseling & Mental Health Service (CMHS) is available to anyone outside of Health Services without your written permission. This includes university personnel, parents, family members, friends, or outside agencies.


Clients Rights and Responsibilities is a summary of your rights based on the Massachusetts law called The Patient's Bill of Rights. It explains confidentiality and advises how to get the most out of your counseling experience. It is for you to read and to keep.

Informed Consent Statement and Confidentiality Policy contains a brief overview of what to expect from counseling, our Confidentiality policy, and provides us with your consent to counseling.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

If we deem it necessary to protect you or someone else from physical harm, we are legally obligated to take steps to help prevent the harm from happening. In a situation such as this, your counselor may need to contact your family and/or university officials.

Other exceptions

  • If you provide information indicating child or elder abuse, we are legally required to notify proper authorities.
  • In the event of a psychiatric hospitalization
  • In the event of a court order