Sexual Assault Resources

Content warning: This page and it links contain information about relationship violence and/or sexual assault.

Sexual assault or unwanted sexual experiences can affect your sense of physical, emotional, and relational wholeness and safety. This section provides options and resources for anyone affected by sexual assault.

Getting Help

Counseling and Mental Health Service

Phone: 617-627-3360

Our counselors are trained and experienced in helping students understand, cope with and recover from relationship violence and trauma. All contacts are confidential.

Health Service

Phone: 617-627-3350

Our staff is trained to respond effectively, empathically and confidentially to students that have been sexually assaulted. We can provide a physical exam and help you consider going to the Hospital. Contact us to help you receive the care and services that you need.


Phone: 617-627-3030

A counselor is on call 24/7 for after-hour emergencies. Call Tufts University Police Department (617-627-3030) and ask to speak with a counselor on call. You will not need to explain why you’re calling. The campus police will page the counselor for you.

Tufts University Police Department

Emergency calls617-627-6911 or x 66911
Main number: 617-627-3030

The Tufts Police can help with the following: transportation to the hospital, safe housing on campus, reporting the assault if you wish to do so, and obtaining a restraining order. You can contact the campus police by activating one of the blue light phones.

Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO)

OEO exists to ensure the every member of the Tufts community benefits from the university’s commitment to equal opportunity. Sexual misconduct violates the dignity of individuals. It is a form of discrimination based on sex or gender that violates federal Title IX regulations and is prohibited by Tufts policy.

Center for Awareness, Resources, and Education (CARE)

Phone: 617-627-5140

Students may seek confidential support and resources for concerns related to sexual misconduct through the Center for Awareness, Resources, and Education at Tufts (CARE). CARE also provides a wide range of educational information about sexual misconduct prevention and sex health on their website.

SafeRide Services

Phone: 617-627-3030

For your personal safety, the Tufts University Police Department provides vehicle and walking escorts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, between campus locations, to nearby transit stations, as well as to neighborhoods surrounding campus.

Groups and Workshops

Graduate Student GroupFree and Confidential Group. This is a weekly process-oriented opportunity open to grad students.  Come to connect, exchange, and gain perspective around yourself and your relationships given the unique experience of advanced education.  Join with others around challenges like autonomy, isolation, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination, and “shoulds.”  Give yourself some time towards balancing demands and practicing self-care.

Understanding Self and OthersFree and Confidential Group. This is a weekly group in which students can discuss and reflect on the interpersonal dynamics present in their relationships with others. The group will help students increase their understanding of their own interpersonal style and how people impact one another. Students will work towards feeling empowered to explore new ways of relating both within the group and within their personal lives.  

CMHS Survivors Support Group: A safe and supportive group where you can connect with others, learn about common responses to sexual trauma, and develop tools for healing. To get more information and to find out how to join the group, contact: Marilyn Downs.

In addition to the on-campus resources listes above, Tufts' Center for Awareness, Resources and Education (CARE), maintains a list of off-campus resources for students.

Visit the CARE Website