Teletherapy Resources

Telehealth is a rapidly growing field that involves the use of technology to deliver healthcare services. It is designed to provide convenient access to care that can be delivered when and where it is convenient for you! The services described below connect students with licensed mental health professionals who are available via phone and/or video. If you require a private space to access these services, please contact the Business Office and we will arrange a space for you at the Health Service. Your therapist will work with you to make sure the sessions are arranged to fit your schedule. 

CMHS has partnered with two resources to provide students with access to telemental healthcare. (Please be sure to note the disclaimer below.)

  1. HealthiestYou is a service covered 100% by Tufts' Student Health Insurance plan starting August 20th, 2020. Students under a private insurance plan may also use HealthiestYou, but will be billed for their services.
  2. iHope is a service accepted by most major insurance plans, including Tufts' Student Health Insurance plan. iHope bills students for a copay according to their insurance plan.


Students on the student health insurance (UnitedHealthcare StudentResources) have free access to mental healthcare via phone and/or video through HealthiestYou, a national telehealth service. Students can connect (including internationally) with a licensed therapist or psychologist as well as psychiatry for free. Students will be able to choose their provider, schedule appointments (available 7 days a week), and receive ongoing support from the same provider.

All services are covered 100% under the UHCSR insurance plan. Please visit this FAQ page for more information on HealthiestYou's virtual counseling.


An iHope therapist meets with you via videoconference. You can be anywhere you like -- all you need is a device, an internet connection, and privacy. iHope offers cognitive behavior therapy, a form of therapy that has been shown to help people with many conditions, including insomnia, anxiety, and depression. iHope works with students where it's convenient and on their schedule. iHope therapists treat students studying abroad and students who need to talk with a therapist at hours that match student's schedules. iHope's team gets you a supportive therapist who understands student life and can help you resolve your issues and succeed in your academic goals.

  • To get started, visit or call 1-800-225-0634.
  • Your device can be a computer with a microphone and video camera, a tablet like an iPad, or even a smart phone. 
  • Your therapist will send you a link to download secure video. They will help you get started. It usually takes just a minute!


DISCLAIMER: All referrals to counseling professionals made by HealthiestYou and iHope are not, and should not be treated as, referrals by Tufts University Health and Wellness. HealthiestYou and iHope have confirmed all counseling professionals available through their service/website are board certified, licensed counselors, residing in the U.S. Tufts University is not responsible for the professional services rendered by those counseling professionals and is not responsible for their availability. Those counseling professionals will not refer your healthcare matter back to Tufts University Health and Wellness and will not share any personal health information with Tufts University Health and Wellness unless you make a specific written request in accordance with applicable law.

By choosing to use the services rendered by HealthiestYou and iHope, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Disclaimer.