Your Health and Wellness Fee

The Health and Wellness fee ($906 in 2020-2021, estimated at $938 for 2021-2022) is mandatory, set by the Trustees and covers the cost of running a comprehensive outpatient health service and counseling center (See Tufts Bulletin). The fee covers unlimited primary care and walk-in visits to the Health Service and access to the Counseling Center, the CARE Office, the Health Promotion and Prevention Office and access to medical insurance support and bills. Laboratory tests, prescribed medications, consultation with on and off-campus medical specialists, and hospital care are not covered by the health and wellness fee. You can contact the Health Service Business Office for more information.

Please note the Health and Wellness fee is not refunded or prorated after the beginning of the academic year. If a student is enrolled in the optional medical insurance plan, both the charge and the plan benefits remain in place through the end of the contract period. 

Tufts University employees are not eligible to be seen and the Health Service or the Counseling Center and thus should not be charged a Health and Wellness Fee.  Employees have access to the Jumbo Health Center.

Information for Undergraduate Students

All Tufts undergraduates students are billed and required to pay the mandatory Health and Wellness fee. These students cannot waive the Health and Wellness fee.

Information for Graduate Students

A Health and Wellness Fee is mandatory for students enrolled in the student health insurance. Students who are admitted full time, and part-time students registered for seven (7) or more credits, are required to pay the comprehensive health and wellness fee while tuition is being charged. The health and wellness fee may not be waived.

Students who are not automatically billed the health and wellness fee but want to be seen at  Health Service or Counseling Center may contact the Health Service Business Office to have the fee posted to the student account.

For students in the Boston and Grafton campus please contact the Student Advisory and Health Administration Office.

Information for International Students

International students enrolled in matriculated programs get health and wellness fee charges regardless of registration credits.