eCheckup Training – Due July 31

During your time at Tufts, you will be introduced to new values, standards, and guidelines that will help you successfully navigate your college experience. You will be challenged in new situations-some that may involve alcohol or drugs. The Department of Health Promotion and Prevention is here to help you make the safest, healthiest decisions possible.

The Department of Health Promotion and Prevention provides resources related to alcohol and drugs, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management among others. It is our goal to promote lifelong healthy behaviors to enhance your success during your time at Tufts.  

If you identify as a person in recovery from alcohol or drugs please visit our resource page. We are committed to helping students in recovery through a network of supports and resources throughout campus and in the local community.  If you participated in SAAD, MADD or other health peer groups at your high school and are interested in being a member of Tufts University's Peer Health Group, please contact us at

The eCheckup training is required for all incoming students and provides awareness and alcohol abuse prevention training, and safe drinking tips for students. The interactive online program uses the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly engaging user experience, inspiring students to make healthier decisions related to alcohol and other drugs. This course includes tailored content that will:

Engage you with customized messaging depending if you are an abstainer, light to moderate drinker, or frequent drinker

· Educate you on the mental and physical the effects of alcohol

· Prepare you to engage in bystander intervention around high risk situations involving alcohol

If you are a transfer student, Tufts will accept completion of the eCheckup or equivalent program from your former institution within the last two academic years. You must provide proof of successful completion of the course by the appropriate person (Wellness or Health Educator, Alcohol and Other Drug Coordinator, etc.) from your school to the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention at