Healthy Living Off-Campus

Moving off campus increases a student’s independence, giving them a chance to get a taste of life after college, while still in a supported environment. Balance Your Life wants to enable off campus students to develop healthy lifestyle habits, like balanced cooking, that will stay with them long after their time at Tufts. This site provides healthy living resources and tips designed for the off campus student lifestyle.

Let’s face it, trying to balance a full schedule of classes and extracurricular activities, often leaves students short on time and energy to cook. However, cooking doesn’t have to be complicated! Use this site to try new recipes, learn how to store fresh produce and get tips for shopping on a student budget. So even if you are new to the kitchen, you can find ways to create quick, inexpensive, balanced meals that most importantly, taste good! Because living off campus shouldn’t mean living off pizza and Easy Mac.

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Off-Campus Resource Center