Tufts Peer Health Collaborative

The Peer Health Collaborative is comprised of different Tufts led student health organizations on campus. Liaisons from each health organization work together to help the Collaborative reach its goals. 

The Tufts Peer Health Collaborative is driven by the mission to:

  1. Foster strong, lasting relationships between all health groups at Tufts
  2. Increase outreach to diverse student populations and 
  3. Promote open communication

Get Involved

Were you involved in SAAD, MADD, or other health peer groups at your High School? Consider becoming a member of Tufts University's Peer Health Group by contacting the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention.

At Tufts University, there is a lot of momentum for health issues; with our varied student body there are students that are interested in health from a variety of standpoints, from fitness to medicine to public policy and global health.

Tufts Student

Participating Student Organizations

For more information, contact Health Promotion.