You have the right to complain, should you have any concerns about your health care treatment. We welcome comments, suggestions or concerns from patients, and pledge to do our utmost to resolve complaints to your satisfaction. 

You have many avenues to address your complaints. You can e-mail or write to any of the people below:

  • Michelle Bowdler, Executive Director of Health and Wellness Services: 617-627-3350
  • Marie Caggiano, Medical Director, Health Service: 617-627-3350
  • Julie Ross, Director, Counseling and Mental Health Services: 617-627-3360

Complaints can be signed or written anonymously. We also have comment cards placed around the Health Service for you to provide us with feedback.  On our website, there is a feedback form where you can send an email with your email address included or anonymously. Further, you may request an appointment with any of the people listed above if you would prefer to meet in person. We want to assure you that we do our utmost to respond if a student is unhappy with any aspect of their care.