Resources for Parents and Families

The Division of Health and Wellness is committed to helping your student maintain and enhance their mental, physical and emotional health. We are bound by law and professional ethics to protect the confidentiality of your student's care and will not disclose information without the student's consent unless there is a serious danger to the student or someone else.

This page intends to centralize and summarize the information about our services and other resources that can be helpful to you and to your student.

Health Service

We are the primary health care site and offer walk in hours and appointments, depending on your students health care needs and busy schedule.  Office visits are covered through the health fee, and we have a lab on site as well as a pharmacy that delivers daily. 

You can read more about HIPAA, Confidentiality and Universal Consent here.

You can contact us at 617-627-3350

Counseling and Mental Health Service

Entering college is a significant milestone for students, one that reverberates throughout the family. Although each student, and each family, is unique, some issues commonly crop up for parents and families. We are here as a resource for Tufts students and caregivers and families who want to be sure their student has the best possible experience. If you are concerned about your student’s emotional well being, encourage them to come in to see one of our counselors. We do ask that students call to make their own appointments, however, rather than having you make one for them.

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Our confidentiality policy

You can contact us at 617-627-3360

Health Promotion and Prevention

Through education and prevention initiatives, we provide resources related to alcohol and drugs, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management among others. We utilize a public health approach focusing on the impact of the environment on healthy communities and work collaboratively with student groups.

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Resources for Students in Recovery
Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Other Resources