Health & Wellness News & Announcements

New Health Clinic for SMFA Students

As of December 20, 2016, SMFA students will no longer have access to the Simmons Health Center.  Instead students will now be able receive their primary care through Atrius Health, at the Kenmore-Harvard Vanguard 133 Brookline Ave location, a full service primary care site. Students must identify themselves as SMFA at Tufts students upon registering on the phone or in person at Atrius. Learn More

Flu Shot Update

Health Service still has a small amount of flu vaccine available.
If you want the flu shot, come to Health Service Monday - Friday, 9 - 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
You may also get a flu shot if you are at Health Service for another reason.

While Supplies Last!!!



Special Message on Recent Events

Dear Students,

We are aware that recent national events have created uncertainty and anxiety for many members of our campus community.  Our Counseling Service team wanted to share some suggestions for practicing self–care if you are experiencing stress.

  • Permit and accept what you are feeling: There is no right or wrong way to feel.  Everyone has their own reactions.  Just notice what you feel without judgment.

  • Preserve your usual routines: Finding ways to be consistent in your regular routines including self-care practices (such as eating regularly and getting enough rest), will help you find balance.

  • Practice awareness of self and stress:  Explore your reactions and work toward understanding the personal impact of what has happened given your own life narrative, identities, concerns for loved ones, or other experiences.

  • Practice awareness of self and stressors: Take note of your particular stress-reactions (such as tight muscles, irritability, etc.) and practice stress reduction.  For example, take a mindful walk, meditate, listen to soothing music, journal, or exercise.

  • Limit media consumption: Constantly connecting with social media and news outlets can be overwhelming, and interferes with sleep and other important activities.  If you need help controlling your connectivity, consider temporary use of blocking apps and websites  

  • Make healthy choices: Using substances to dull your feelings ultimately leaves you feeling more depleted

  • Practice gratitude and hopefulness:  Reminding yourself of the people and things that you are grateful for in your life, and the things that you are working toward, can help you maintain your balance.  

  • Find community: Reach out to others who may be having similar experiences and consider sharing so that you provide mutual support and understanding.

  • Remember there are resources for you here on campus: Contact the Dean of Student Affairs OfficeCounseling and Mental Health Service, and/or the Chaplaincy to learn about support.

Be well, and take care,

Julie Ross
Director of Counseling and Mental Health Service    

Michelle Bowdler
Senior Director of Health and Wellness  

Complete Health Forms

Before heading to Tufts in the fall, all incoming students MUST complete the health forms and immunization requirements. Visit our Health and Wellness page for information regarding new student health care at Tufts.

Welcome to New and Returning Students

We are working to help new students meet their health requirements.  Stop by if you have any questions or concerns or need help navigating health insurance issues.  See the staff in the business office and we will help with this process.

Maddy the Therapy Dog

We are also welcoming Maddy the therapy dog this year!  Stay tuned for announcements of times and places Maddy will be available on campus.

Did you miss the Flu Clinics?

Health Service has a small amount of Flu Vaccine remaining (for Medford and Somerville students that have paid the health fee). Students may walk in and request a Flu shot Monday through Friday between 9 -11 and 2-4, while supplies last.