New England Collegiate Recovery Collaborative

The New England Collegiate Recovery Collaborative is a group of higher education professions supporting each other to advance recovery on our campuses. The Collaborative formed in the summer of 2016 and has continued to meet.

The purpose  is to:

  • Share best practices,
  • Advocating for campus resources for students in recovery,
  • Acting as resource brokers to connect students in recovery with the resources they need to support their recovery and achieve academic success,
  •  Providing direct services such as counseling, coaching or mentoring,
  • Facilitating connections between students in recovery - creating ways for them to find one another and to create their own natural networks,
  • Providing material support, e.g. obtaining space on campus for meetings, helping to promote student driven events and programs,
  • Educating our campuses,
  • Discussing challenges and ideas and to
  • Support one another in this important work that we are doing.

Our goal is to advance collegiate recovery, at whatever level and whatever stage it may be on any particular campus. Our members currently include health and wellness professionals, clinicians, and graduate students. 

We welcome any higher educational professional from the New England area to join our email list or to attend our meetings.

For more information or to be added to our email list, please contact Ian L Wong, MSPH Director, Health Promotion and Prevention.

New England CRC Members