Worried about a Friend's Alcohol or Drug Use?

Will you be the one to reach out? We are here to help.

  1. Recognize signs and symptoms.
  2. Express your concern. Talk to your friend when they are sober. Use specific statements. “When you use, it makes me feel…” “I am worried about you because…”
  3. Encourage and support. Encourage your friend to consult with a professional to to talk about their drug use. You can offer to find out more about the resources or go with them to an appointment.
  4. Contact us — we are here to help:

Responding to an Alcohol-related Emergency

People who are intoxicated or drugged to the point of unconsciousness or semi-consciousness are at serious risk. Individuals have died from alcohol poisoning or choking on aspirated vomit. Never leave an individual alone to “sleep it off”, nor overestimate your own ability to assure his/her safety or to recognize the danger signs. Call Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), available twenty-four hours per day, at x6-6911 (University Police dispatcher).

Additional Information