Wellness Resources and Printed Materials

Health Promotion and Prevention Resources are used to promote healthy behaviors.  If you do not see a health topic you need, feel free to contact Health Promotion. Take a look at our list below, and contact us at any time if we can help you find additional resources and support. 

Students on the Medford/Somerville campus may request printed color copies for bulletin boards, contact healthpromotion@tufts.edu with your name, email, title of poster, and number of copies.




Stress and Mindfulness

Alcohol and Drugs


Tufts "Give It a Try" Social Norms Campaign


Please make program requests at least two weeks prior to program date to healthpromotion@tufts.edu. A meeting with HPP staff is highly encouraged to customize your program and discuss material/supply needs. Programs on other health/wellness topics are available by request.

Healthy Hall Snacks

  • Help residents learn what comprises a healthy snack.
  • Brief overview of key nutrients and benefits
  • Prepare a healthy snack with residents. Recipe offerings include smoothies, yogurt parfaits, and build-your-own "Lunchables".

De-stressing in Academic Life

  • Through case studies and group discussion, explore ways to overcome stumbling blocks all students face.
  • Gain strategies to de-stress, manage procrastination, and develop sustainable approaches to challenging situations.

When a Party Becomes a Problem 

  • Create a mock party scene and demonstrate how the setting can contribute to problems with alcohol.
  • Participants use BAC calculators, and “drunk” goggles to simulate levels of intoxication.

Who Has Your B.A.C. (Blood Alcohol Concentration)?

  • How do you know how much alcohol you drank? 
  • How do you know you are belong the legal limit? 
  • How does your surroundings influence your level of intoxication? 
  • Learn this and other factors that influence how alcohol impacts how drunkenness.

Hey It’s Legal; No Problem…?

  • Understand how the new marijuana law in Massachusetts is enforced both on- and off-campus. 
  • Learn how different types of products and means of intake impact you.

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