Tufts Peer Health Collaborative

The Peer Health Collaborative is comprised of different Tufts-led student health organizations on campus. Liaisons from each health organization work together to help the Collaborative reach its goals. 

The Tufts Peer Health Collaborative is driven by the mission to:

  1. Foster strong, lasting relationships between all health groups at Tufts
  2. Increase outreach to diverse student populations and 
  3. Promote open communication

Get Involved

Were you involved in SAAD, MADD, or other health peer groups at your high school? Consider becoming a member of Tufts University's Peer Health Group by contacting the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention.

At Tufts University, there is a lot of momentum for health issues; with our varied student body there are students that are interested in health from a variety of standpoints, from fitness to medicine to public policy and global health.

Tufts Student

Participating Student Organizations

Active Minds at Tufts

Balance Your Life (BYL)
Contact: balanceyourlife.tufts@gmail.com
President: Kinsey Drake kinsey.drake@tufts.edu
Balance Your Life (BYL) goals are to improve nutrition, increase physical activity, and improve the overall well-being of the Tufts undergraduate population. 

Ears for Peers
Hotline access: 617-627-3888 or AIM screen name tuftse4p
To learn more/apply to answer calls: ears4peers@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook
Ears for Peers is an anonymous, confidential student-run support hotline, open 7pm-7am every day of the week.


Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)

Tufts Public Health  Society
Contact: tuftspublichealthsociety@gmail.com
PHS is a pre-professional group concerned with public health and the issues of the field.


Tufts Premedical Society (Pre-Med)
Contact: tuftspremedical@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook
The Tufts Premedical Society is a student-run organization and a chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) that supports Tufts students pursuing careers in medicine.

Tufts Pre-Vet Society (Pre-Vet)
Contact: tuftsprevet@gmail.com
The Tufts Pre-Vet Society aims to connect all pre-veterinary students, students with an interest in animals, or students considering a career in animal health to foster collaboration and community on the Tufts undergraduate campus

Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS)
Contact:  617-627-3868
Find us on Facebook
Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS) provides prompt, quality medical aid to the Tufts community. TEMS operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week during the academic school year.

Tufts Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
Contact: tuftsewb@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook
As a chapter of the national organization, our student group works to bring a better quality of life to impoverished communities around the world. Our chapter's specialty is engineering projects related to water quality and sanitation, and we are currently working on projects in Latin America and East Africa.

Tufts Health Advocates

Tufts One Health

Tufts Primary Care Progress (PCP)
Contact: tuftsprimarycareprogress@gmail.com
Find us on Facebook
PCP at Tufts strives to promote, educate, and conduct research initiatives in Medford, Somerville, and other surrounding communities.

Tufts Timmy Global Health
Contact: tuftstimmy@gmail.com
Tufts Timmy Global Health, in conjunction with national nonprofit Timmy Global, seeks to build healthy futures in profoundly underserved indigenous communities surrounding the city of Xela, Guatemala, through medical relief.

Tufts Tobacco-Free Initiative

Contact: tobaccofreetufts@gmail.com

Tufts Tobacco-Free Initiative is a student-run group working to implement comprehensive and attainable policy on Tufts undergraduate campus with regards to smoking and tobacco use in order to improve the health and strength of the community.

Tufts United Against Inequities in Disease

Contact: tufts@collegediabetesnetwork.org
Tufts College Diabetes Network Chapter is a student-led group that helps students affected by diabetes to connect with one another learn about the latest diabetes technology and gadgets and exchange tips and trick for managing diabetes on campus. Connect locally and nationally to a network of students affected by diabetes; meet friends, share your experience, and give back to the community. All are welcome! Check out the CDN website.

Tufts Peer Health Collaborative Mini Grants


Tufts Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) and Department of Health Promotion and Prevention (HPP) encourages the development of creative health promotion initiatives by providing funding for mini grants that promote and improve the quality of student health. Each semester, SHAB and HPP solicit health promotion proposals from members of the Tufts Peer Health Collaborative for innovative strategies to address specific health topics. Awards will range from $50-$200.

Download Mini Grant Application

Guidelines for Mini Grant Funding

  • The project must be health related (Project is defined as: a speaker, awareness campaign, social media campaign, social norms campaign, residence hall program, or poster presentation)
  • Priority status is given to programs addressing key Health Promotion and Prevention topic areas, including sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, alcohol/other drugs, and chronic health illnesses.
  • Applicant must include a description of the project and its goals.
  • Applicant must include the project's relevance to Tufts campus health.
  • Applicant's organization must create a budget stating allocation of funds.
  • The SHAB and HPP logos and acknowledgment of funding must be included on all materials paid for by the mini grant.
  • Applicant's organization must match the award in either with in-kind or other contributions.
  • Proposed projects must be open to all students.
  • Funding cannot be used for purchasing food or alcohol.

For more information, contact Health Promotion.

Additional Information

College Diabetes Network poster