SMFA students who want to be seen in person at the SMFA can schedule an appointment by stopping by Suite A101 on Mondays and Thursdays or calling us at 617-627-3360 any weekday during business hours.

All appointments scheduled online with our Care Manager are virtual. If you'd like to meet in person with our Care Manager, please call us to schedule a convenient time.

For all students, if you don’t see what you are looking for online and for all other appointments, please call us at 617-627-3360. You can also stop by 120 Curtis Street (Sawyer House, masks required in common areas) during business hours Monday – Friday to schedule an appointment. 

Balancing Specific Requests with Counselor Availability

Read our bios if you want to request a counselor with a particular expertise or a specific racial, ethnic, or gender identity. Our front desk staff will match your request with your schedule. Please be aware that you may need to wait for an opening with a specific counselor; in that situation, our front desk staff may be able to offer you an earlier appointment with a different counselor. To increase counselor availabilityboth in terms of scheduling and diversity of counselors' identities and specialtiesMantra Health counselors are available for telemental health appointments with Tufts students. Just as at CMHS, they offer short-term counseling free of charge to eligible students. When you contact CMHS at 617-627-3360 to schedule an appointment with a counselor, our office staff can help connect you to a Mantra counselor.

If the counselor you see doesn’t feel like a good fit, you can either let your counselor know or call our front desk and request a different counselor.

Before Your First Appointment

Please log into the Tufts University Health and Wellness Patient Portal to read and fill out all forms before you meet with your counselor. These forms discuss our confidentiality policy and ask for basic information about your emergency contacts, background, and goals, among other questions. If you have any questions or concerns about the content of these forms, your counselor will be happy to discuss them with you when you meet. 

Whereas some forms are available ahead of time and can be filled out online after you schedule your appointment, one form (the CCAPS) needs to be completed shortly before your appointment starts. Please check in to your appointment—either virtually or at CMHS—at least 15 minutes early to complete any remaining forms, including the CCAPS.

What to Expect

Counseling is an individually tailored process designed to help you cope with your concerns and come to a greater understanding of yourself. Counseling usually involves sharing personal information that may at times be sensitive or even distressing. Therefore, it is not uncommon during the course of counseling to feel more anxious or upset for a time. If you feel this way, it is important to share this information with your counselor so that your counselor can help you manage it.  

Unless otherwise stated, appointments are 45 minutes.

At your first appointment, you and your counselor will review:

  • The concerns you came in to discuss, considering these in light of your personal history and life experiences
  • The goals for your counseling sessions and possible plans for achieving your goals
  • Your treatment options, which may include brief individual counseling at CMHS, referral to a provider in the community, referral to a group, and/or referral to other on or off-campus resources

We will make treatment recommendations and will explain our recommendations as clearly as possible in the first appointment. You can then decide if and how you’d like to proceed.

Making an Appointment Through Mantra Care

Tufts University Counseling and Mental Health Service (CMHS) is collaborating with Mantra Care to offer students access to expanded hours and additional confidential clinicians for talk therapy. All students that have paid the Student Health & Wellness fee can use Mantra Care.

By logging in to the Mantra Care Hub, you can virtually connect with licensed therapists during daytime, evenings, or weekend hours.

Please note that telehealth sessions are a convenient and effective option for a wide variety of mental health needs, but sometimes not the most appropriate method for addressing one’s concerns. For individuals dealing with bipolar disorder, disordered eating, substance use problems, or active thoughts of self-harm or harm to others, we recommend starting the process of mental health treatment with an in-person assessment at CMHS to determine whether telehealth is the best option.

Follow this step-by-step guide to sign up:

  1. Visit
  2. Create your account by clicking on "Sign Up" using your email address.
  3. Complete the onboarding tasks in the Care Hub, which take only 10 minutes, and schedule your initial appointment. Ensure that onboarding is completed before your first appointment.
  4. Log in to the Mantra Care Hub to meet with your therapist at the scheduled time.