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Kognito is an online educational program designed to educate faculty, staff, and students about mental health. Each simulation exercise in Kognito allows the user to practice conversations that help students build resilience, strengthen relationships, and develop connections with campus resources. Through role-play, users build knowledge and skills around mental health and suicide prevention. Kognito is also designed to support academic performance, student retention, and campus safety.

Faculty, staff, and students can create an account with Kognito and use the platform at any time. The program takes approximately 30 - 40 minutes to complete and may be repeated as desired.

Get Started

Visit https://kognitocampus.com/.

  • If you are a returning user, sign in using your email and password.
  • If you are a new user, choose “Click here” in the upper right-hand corner of the sign-in box to create your account.
  • Enter your information in the pop-up window. (We recommend using your Tufts email, but you may also use a personal email address. You may choose any password.)
  • If you are a faculty or staff member, including Graduate Assistants and Teaching Assistants, enter Enrollment Key “tuftsfaculty”.
  • If you are a student, including Residential Staff or other student employees, enter Enrollment Key “tuftsstudent”.
  • Click “Next Step” and follow the on-screen instructions to access the simulations page.
  • Click "Launch" to start your simulation!

Try Kognito

Kognito is available university-wide as a two-year pilot. This is the first time Tufts has implemented an interactive training tool of this kind on such a wide scale. We look forward to receiving feedback from faculty, staff, and students about the user experience to help assess the potential strengths and weaknesses of this avatar-based simulation program.  

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