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P.O.C. Circle

P.O.C. Circle is a space dedicated to community care, solidarity, and intentional coalition building. The group is facilitated by two Women’s Center interns, who lead weekly discussions about issues that impact people of color. Students of color of all gender identities are welcome!

Dinner and a Movie

The Tufts Women’s Center hosts monthly events where members of the community can enjoy a film together in a relaxing environment. Movie screenings are followed by a discussion of the film, usually led by a Tufts faculty or staff member, or by fellow students. Though scheduling varies, Dinner and a Movie usually takes place on the third Wednesday of the month, around 5:30 p.m.

Lunch & Learn

Previously known as First Friday Lunch, this program is focused on providing students and community members with access to knowledge and resources, both on and off campus. There is usually one Lunch & Learn event each month. Past Lunch & Learn programming has included things like: a panel discussion led by the Office of Scholarly Development about applying for and receiving grants, fellowships, and scholarships; a discussion with Tufts Counseling and Mental health Services about self-care and activism; and a financial literacy workshop explaining how to develop and maintain good credit.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief began in the fall of 2019, and it is the first comedy group at Tufts that centers the voices of people of color. Check out the Comic Relief website here!

Reading Circle

The Women's Center Reading Circle was created in early 2019 as a place for relaxed, engaging community focused on rediscovering our love for books and stories. The Reading Circle comes together to discuss media of all kinds, from novels to music videos.

Masculinity Exploration Circle

MEC, or Masculinity Exploration Circle, is a new group of masculine-identifying people meeting at the Women's Center to discuss healthy masculinity, their relationship with masculinities, and how we can live masculine-positive, pro-feminist lives.

Late Night Study

The Women's Center is open for regular Late Night Study on Mondays through Thursdays during each semester from 6 - 11 p.m. Come to the Women's Center for some cozy study time complete with comfy couches, tea, snacks, and free printing!


Our annual Symposium was created in 2009 to honor the roots of symposiums--lively gatherings to exchange ideas around a central topic relevant to our time. The Women's Center Symposium is an opportunity to showcase many different kinds of work: academic essays, dynamic presentations, visual and performance art, workshops, and works in progress.

Past Symposiums

  • 2019: Divisions/Revisions of Labor What counts as labor, and who gets to decide? What kinds of work are men, women, and trans or nonbinary people expected to perform, and for whom? How do various identities and positionalities—like gender, race, class, and sexuality—inform the work we do? And what does it mean to resist gendered, raced, classed, or otherwise invisible labor?How can we reshape our understanding of what is work and what work matters? To learn more about our most recent symposium, check out this article published in the Tufts Daily!
  • 2018: Metaphors of the Body What are the ways that displacement and dispossession impact our bodies? How do we center different modes of care and healing in the face of violence and trauma? Check out our Google Drive and an article by the Tufts Daily on our 2018 symposium!