Life at Tufts

With its distinctive New England architecture and graceful, tree-lined lawns, Tufts’ suburban campus provides a beautiful setting for your summer studies. Your experience is much more than what happens in the classroom. During your program, you will have full access to academic and recreational facilities on the Medford campus.

Tufts History and Culture

A Brief History

  • Tufts College was founded in 1852 by Charles Tufts on one of the highest hills in the Boston Area, Walnut Hill, in the towns of Medford and Somerville.
  • Over time, Tufts grew from a small liberal arts college into a research university, and in 1954 "Tufts College" became "Tufts University."
  • Tufts is made up of 4 campuses that serve undergraduate and graduate students.

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Fun Facts About Tufts

  • Our motto is "Pax et Lux," which means "Peace and Light."
  • Our colors are brown and blue.
  • Our mascot is Jumbo the elephant.

Explore Tufts Traditions

Jumbo Statue

Learn More About Jumbo

  • Born in Sudan in 1860, Jumbo grew to be 13 feet tall.
  • In 1865, Jumbo was brought to Europe, first to the Paris Zoo and then to the London Zoo.
  • In the 1880s, Jumbo was purchased by PT Barnum, one of Tufts' founders famous for creating the Barnum & Bailey Circus.
  • In 1885, Jumbo was killed in an accident while traveling with the circus.
  • After his death, Jumbo became Tufts' official mascot; you can see his statue on the Academic Quad on our Medford campus.