Health and Wellness

Health Insurance

All students in our programs who live abroad are automatically enrolled in our health insurance coverage. This comprehensive health insurance policy covers pre-existing conditions.

For students and chaperones over the age of 21, Tufts University advocates responsible behavior when consuming alcohol. Please be aware that expenses incurred for injuries resulting from the use of alcohol or intoxicants, or any drugs unless prescribed by a physician, are the responsibility of the student. The health insurance policy does not include treatment for self-inflicted injury, suicide, or any attempt thereof.

Health Service

During our programs, Tufts Health Service is available to assist with routine health problems Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. When Tufts Health Service is not open you will be directed by the residential staff to local health centers in the area. If you require hospitalization a member of the residential life staff will accompany you.

Counseling and Mental Health Services

Counseling and mental health services are not provided during our programs. If necessary, our staff will assist in making arrangements for off-campus resources during your time at Tufts.

Health Service Fees

To visit Tufts Health Service, you will need to pay a service fee. The program insurance policy will cover most accidents and short-term illnesses, but additional fees may be charged for optional treatments offered at Health Services. The program staff will assist you in requesting a fee reimbursement from the insurance company.