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    In collaboration with the GreatOne Education Group, Co., Ltd., Tufts developed a program for Chinese high school students who wish to experience academic life in the United States. The program takes into consideration the curriculums from both American and Chinese education systems.

    University Preparatory Program

    The University Preparatory Program is a three-year experience that allows students to improve their English language skills as they prepare for application and entry into universities and colleges throughout the United States. The first two years, known as the Sino-US Bridge Program, provide special classes at Shenzhen No. 3 High School with dedicated Chinese and American teachers. Students then spend one year at Tufts University for additional studies and university preparation. The program’s rigorous curriculum prepares students for the challenges of top American universities.

    GreatOne is responsible for creating and extending awareness of the University Preparatory Program and assists Shenzhen No. 3 High School in developing curriculum and ensuring teacher quality.

    Sino-US Bridge Program

    The two-year program at Wuhan Foreign Languages School fosters strength in a wide variety of academic subjects and the development of leadership skills. Class subjects include math, English grammar, Chinese, physics, chemistry, biology, politics, information technology, physical education, and music appreciation. Students also take a series of special classes that includes comprehensive English (listening and speaking), comprehensive English (reading and writing), American history, American literature, and American famous literary works. During the winter or summer vacations, students may choose to participate in an optional internship in their area of interest such as banking, higher education, or government tax policy.

    Tufts Program

    The one-year program at Tufts University is designed to mirror college-level coursework to develop scholarship and prepare students for success in university programs. Classes have a strong focus on academic writing and speaking, and maintain concrete language objectives. Students take classes in areas such as education, culture, business, environment, science, current events, and history, and culminate their coursework with a final project.

    During the program, students will receive guidance from our academic counselors to help them research and select colleges and universities consistent with their interests and proficiencies. Students will be counseled as they prepare college applications and craft required essays and related materials. Our faculty and staff emphasize authenticity and integrity throughout this process.

    Program Phases

    The Tufts program is divided into three distinct phases:

    Summer Semester: Introduction to the U.S. Education System and Culture

    The first nine weeks of the program focuses on the transition from high school in China to the American classroom. Students take a capstone course that explores the American education system and examines the distinct regional cultures of the United States.

    Students also take content-based classes that explore American history and culture while enhancing their academic writing, reading, and presentation skills. Students have the opportunity to explore authentic Boston during a series of staff-led field trips.

    In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in community engagement and service activities that will run through the course of the academic year.

    Fall Semester: Academic Development and University Application Preparation

    In the fall semester, students continue their exploration of American culture and history through a series of content-based classes that make use of the Socratic method. Students will be expected to engage in regular group and individual presentations and complete a significant amount of outside reading. Students will also have the opportunity to explore topics such as Science, Humanities, or Entrepreneurship in the Special Interest Elective workshop. Students will continue to explore the college selection process and work on their application essays and supplementary essays in the semester-long Capstone course.

    We have recently added a Health and Wellness course that features workshops that explore stress management, sexuality, and spirituality. As part of this class, students will also have physical education class once a week.

    Spring Semester: Content-Based Courses and Capstone Project

    In the final semester of the program, students will examine 20th-century American history and participate in a research capstone course that teaches the crucial skills of academic writing and research techniques. Students will take part in a series of simulations that will examine a central theme affecting our local community, the United States, and the world. Students will be required to write policy papers and reflective journals, and take part in a final class that reviews all the issues that were examined in the course.

    Residential Component

    GreatOne Education Group, Co., Ltd. is responsible for the residential component of the University Preparatory Program. Students reside in a local extended-stay hotel located a short distance from the Tufts Medford campus and accessible by public transportation. This residential experience helps students develop independent living skills, similar to those they will need at a university. The students are supervised to ensure safety, maintain a supportive learning environment, and foster a cooperative living experience. Students also learn life skills such as setting up bank accounts and navigating the area using public transportation.

    GreatOne places an emphasis on honoring Chinese culture by arranging for celebrations of Chinese holidays such as Chinese New Year and the Dragon Boat Festival. GreatOne creates a residential environment where personal responsibility, mutual respect, and adherence to local rules, laws, and customs are emphasized.

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