Student Testimonials

Summer Institute for International Scholars

Summer Institute for International Scholars

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Tufts University gave me a great opportunity to prepare for the upcoming semester online.  Thanks to the enthusiastic professors and knowledgeable school officials, I was able to improve me English skills and learn how to write a research paper.

Jang Sangwoo, Seongnam, Republic of Korea

As I have been out of school for almost 9 years, the online International Scholars program was a great transition from work to studying.  The program helped me create a solid foundation for many different skills essential in a graduate study program. 

Abdulrahman Shushani, Erbil, Iraq

English Today Program

The program changed my vision of the world.  In this sad time of escalation of international tensions, I believe it is important that youth from all the world’s countries be able to live and study together for a month in an international city like Boston.”

Tomthe Jekel Annecy, France

Its one of the best summers I have ever enjoyed.  Here, I met so many interesting people and took part in amazing excursions.  The residential counselors are friendly, the faculty are really knowledgeable, and the Charles River is beautiful.

Xueni Luo, Yulin, China

Meeting new friends, improving my language knowledge, experiencing American culture and mentality were all aspects that when mixed together left me with a beautiful, lasting, lovely impression.  This impression will always be kept deep in my heart and will never be forgotten.

Tamara Jankovici, Belgrade, Serbia

Tufts is a friendly but professional environment.  I spent amazing moments this summer with my international classmates, most of them incoming Tufts students.  We definitely improved our English thanks to our well-prepared teachers.

Andrea Baldini, Livorno, Italy

English Academic Skills Program/University Preparatory Program

This is a tremendous program that challenges students from the first day of the program until they graduate one year later.  I grew so much academically, personally, and emotionally, in just one year.  Students also have chances to make friends from all over the world.  I made so many long distance friendships which I had never thought about before I came to Tufts. This program laid the foundation for me to succeed in college and later in graduate school.


Yuheng “Jojo” Zhou