What to Bring


    We have assembled a list of things you may want to bring from home and some that you may want to purchase upon your arrival. Remember that rooms in the residence halls come fully furnished and that linens are provided.

    Things to Bring from Home

    You should plan to dress casually for classes and activities. The weather in New England can change quickly with rain one day and sun the next. During the summer, the Greater Boston area is known for pleasant weather with occasional periods of excessive heat and humidity. The daily temperature ranges from 60 - 90 degrees Fahrenheit (15 - 32 degrees Celsius).

    You should plan to pack:

    • Shorts and t-shirts
    • A few pairs of long pants
    • A few nicer outfits for evenings out in the Boston area
    • A semi-formal outfit for the end of summer celebration*
    • A sweater or jacket for cold nights
    • An umbrella or raincoat
    • Athletic clothing and shoes
    • Bathing suit and towel
    • Prescription and non-prescription medications
    • Eyeglasses and sunglasses
    • Bath towel (a small towel is provided)
    • Alarm clock
    • Camera, charger, and US power converter
    • International compatible cellphone (if you would like to use one during the program)
    • Contact information for friends and family

    *Students in the English Today High School program will not need a semi-formal outfit

    Things to Purchase in Boston

    Some items may be easier to purchase once you arrive in Boston. There are many nearby stores where you can purchase these items:

    • Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap)
    • Sunscreen
    • Shower basket (to carry your toiletries in the residence hall)
    • Mattress pad
    • Fan (one fan is provided per room)

    Spending Money

    Although most meals and activities are included in your tuition fees, you will want to have some additional spending money during your stay. You may choose to bring a small amount of US currency with you for the first few days of your program. There is a bank machine in the Campus Center open Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    While spending habits vary with individual tastes and needs, we have found that students generally use between $150 and $200 per week in spending money. We strongly recommend that students bring a credit card with them as they tend to offer the best exchange rate and avoid the need to carry paper currency.

    You will need spending money for:

    • Snacks and occasional meals in restaurants
    • Gratuity (a tip) at restaurants - Please note this is not included in the price of meals in the US. Standard gratuity for good service is 15-20%
    • Public transportation costs - the subway costs between $2.25 - $2.60 per ride, and the bus costs $1.70 - $2.10 per ride
    • Entrance/usage fees for activities 1-2 times per week
    • Weekend trips - generally $15-35 per trip for entrance fees and transportation
    • Clothing - we usually organize a group trip to outlet stores

    Additional Information