English Today Program


    Postponed until 2023 

    As part of the intensive English Today Program, you will build your English language skills through weekday classes and our weekly Discover America Workshop led by our creative and thoughtful instructors to give you a different look "behind the scenes" of American history and culture. Learning does not stop here as you will put into practice all these skills outside the class in a wide variety of online activities offered by your staff.

    Our intensive program will give you the confidence you need to use your new English language skills while engaging with classmates from across the globe. These classmates will typically range from students from the final year of secondary school to students who will be pursuing a master´s degree in a US university. You may even encounter professionals who are interested in improving their English language skills! Not only does this combination of cultures and ages allow you to make the most of your classes, but English Today also offers you the opportunity to continue learning through our extensive collection of experiential activities that has been highly rated by our students since 1984. Through the Tufts English Today program, you will make the most of your summer with a combination of classes and experiential activities.

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    Dates and Deadlines

    Summer 2023 English Today 6-Week English Today 4-Week
    Program Dates TBD TBD
    Application Deadline TBD TBD
    Payment Deadline TBD TBD

    Program Costs

    Application Fee - $85, collected at the time of application (2022 estimated price)

    Tuition Deposit - $100, collected at the time of application (2022 estimated price)
    This deposit is deducted from the total tuition cost but is not refundable if a student chooses to withdraw their application.

    Program Fee
    English Today 4-Week: $5,500 (2022 estimated price)
    English Today 6-Week: $8,250 (2022 estimated price)
    The all-inclusive fee includes tuition, 20 meals a week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday - Saturday and brunch and dinner on Sunday), materials, access to Tufts facilities including the gym and library, many excursions, traveler's insurance, and airport transfers to and from Logan airport (we pick up only at the airport and drop off only at Tufts university).

    Refund Policy
    If a student chooses to withdraw from the program between June 15 and the start of your program, the program will refund 80% of the program fee.

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    Program Curriculum (2022 Information)

    In the English Today program, students will be part of a personalized online classroom environment where they can focus on learning the skills most important to them while engaging with classmates from across the globe. Coursework is divided into two complementary parts: the Core Academic English Language Class and the Special Interest Topics Class.

    Core Academic English Language Class

    The Core Academic English Language Class focuses on building core language skills by strengthening the student's listening, speaking, reading, and writing all while students explore topics related to American history and culture. Classes traditionally do not exceed 15 students allowing for a personalized and engaging environment. Talented and supportive instructors utilize active learning techniques that include interactive in-class activities that help students build their English skills for use in everyday life. Each week students participate in a faculty-led "Discover America" workshops, where students get a behind the scenes look at the history and culture of the Boston Area.  

    Special Interest Topics Class

    The Special Interest Topics courses will be unique to each class and will vary depending on student interest. Instructors and students will work collaboratively to determine the focus and goals of each Special Interest Topic class. Instructors will then cater their instruction to help students explore the topic(s) they have chosen and fulfill their goals. As the title of this section suggests, students will be actively involved in choosing the topics and themes to be dealt with in this section. In addition, students may be expected to work on culminating projects, which could include such things as a class newspaper, group presentation, or a short film.

    Optional Workshops

    The English Today Program offers optional workshops in the afternoon for an additional price of $750. These sessions can be offered one-on-one or in small groups and are designed to provide enhanced customized attention to the student. Sessions take place at 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from July 18 to August 11, 2022. 

    Welcome Receptions and Final Certificate Ceremonies

    The Welcome Receptions for the English Today 6-week and 4-week programs will take place on July 3 and July 12 at 6 pm. The Final Certificate Ceremony will take place Friday morning August 12. Please plan your travel around these special events. The residential halls will be open on the Saturday before and after the programs.  

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