University Preparatory Program

The University Preparatory Program is a joint collaboration between Tufts and the GreatOne Education Group. As a student in UPP, you will work to improve your English language skills as you prepare for application and entry into a university or college in the United States. During the first two years, known as the Sino-US Bridge Program, you will attend special classes at Wuhan Foreign Languages School with dedicated Chinese and American teachers. You will then spend one year here at Tufts University for additional studies and university preparation.

Studying at Tufts

Academic Program

The Tufts program is divided into three distinct phases:

  1. Summer Semester: Introduction to the U.S. Education System and Culture
  2. Fall Semester: Academic Development and University Application Preparation
  3. Spring Semester: Content-Based Courses and Capstone Project

Tutoring and other academic resources are available to support your studies.

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Residential Life

Find all the information you need for living at Tufts, including details on where you’ll live, dining options, and local transportation.

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Extracurricular Activities

Find out about all activities available for you to enjoy after class and on the weekends.

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