Pre-Major Advising for BA, BS, and Combined Degree Students

Transfer Students

Your Advising Dean will be assigned to you as your academic advisor until you declare your major. Your Advising Dean will help you choose courses that connect your past work with the Tufts curriculum and graduation requirements. After classes begin, they will also help you with the major declaration process. We will send you more information through your Tufts email in June.

Engineering Students

You’ll be matched with a faculty member in the primary degree program that you identify in the Application Status page.

Liberal Arts Students

You’ll be assigned a faculty or professional staff member as a Pre-Major Advisor who will:

  • Support your transition into Tufts
  • Help you explore academic opportunities, course options, and guide you towards declaration of major
  • Assist you with understanding the college requirements for graduation
  • Connect you to resources to support you academically, personally and socially

You have two options for Pre-Major Advising:

1. Advising Plus: Tufts Signature Advising Program

This option allows you to take a course with a faculty member who will also serve as your Pre-Major Advisor; or to take a course that is student-led, and all students enrolled are advised by a faculty or staff member.

2. Individualized Advising Option

This option consists of a one-on-one relationship between student and Advisor. You can make appointments with your advisor for course registration and as needed throughout the semester.

Which Advising Option is Right for Me?


Who Teaches the Course?Who is My Advisor?

Past Courses and Subject Matter.Who's in my class?

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