2021 Student Coordinator

Ayah BasmehAyah Basmeh


Ayah Basmeh is from Worcester, Massachusetts and is studying biomedical engineering. She's a Middle Eastern Arab, with half her blood belonging to Iraq and the other half to Syria. She's deeply passionate about music, playing both clarinet and bass guitar, but she likes to experiment with any instrument she can find. Ayah is also very fond of the outdoors and likes to immerse herself in the elements, whether it be skiing, kayaking, or even rock climbing.

LupeGuadalupe Romero-Celaya


Guadalupe (she/her) is a rising Junior at Tufts from Chelsea, MA, majoring in Child Study and Human Development. Lupe has been part of BEAST for two summers: once as a first-year/BEASTie, later as a Peer Leader, and this summer she is super excited to help coordinate the pre-o! This year, she will also be the President of United for Immigrant Justice. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, playing video games (especially the Last of Us or Cold War) and engaging in some arts and crafts with her little sister, Ashley. 


Jared SmithJared Smith

Director of the FIRST Resource Center, Program Director of BLAST




2021 Student Leaders

Violet Johnson

Violet is an incoming sophomore and a International Relations major from Connecticut! In her spare time, she participates in Model UN, JumboVote, and 180 Degrees Consulting.

Angel Cruz Salvador

Angel is a BEST Scholar studying Computer Science, although originally from North Carolina (yee yee). A part of SOLES, ISOT, ALAS, and UIJ, Angel is who to ask about what to do on/off-campus! At heart, a Daenerys & Katy Perry stan.

Omayma Dalal

Omayma is a Biopsychology Major and Sociology Minor on the pre-med track. She grew up in Boston and knows where all the good Boba shops are located.

Nattalie Gualdron

Nattalie is a Community Health Major, hailing all the way from Boston, MA. When she’s not in class you can find her at ALAS grab and gos or drinking a TropiKALE Smoothie at Kindlevan.

Kaman Hau

Kaman is a Community Health major and is premed, from Boston, MA. You can catch her boxing with friends or watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix when she is not in class! 

Rabiya Ismail

Rabiya is a first-generation college student at Tufts University double majoring in Political Science and English with a minor in Civic Studies. Raised in Orlando, Florida, she is bad at driving but also super passionate about community organizing and creating meaningful relationships. 

Bushrah Khan

Bushrah is an aspiring English major on the Pre-Med track from a small town in Connecticut. She enjoys reading, is interested in film, dabbles in drawing, and wants to write her own book/movie one day.

Victoria Lopez

Victoria is a Community Health Major from Houston, Texas. When not in class she is working with kids through Jumpstart or hanging out at the Campus Center to meet with friends. 

José Martinez

José Martínez is a first-generation, low-income student that is double majoring in Political Science and Civic Studies. They love to travel and to explore areas that have really good food in Mass. 

Athena Nair

Athena (she/her) is studying Psychology and Sociology, from the SF Bay Area. She's passionate about body positivity and social justice, and loves to sing, dance, and act.

Carolina Olea Lezama

Carolina is rising senior from Phoenix, Arizona. She is majoring in American Studies and Political Science. At Tufts, Carolina is heavily involved with the Latinx and First community, and loves trying to find the best Mexican food in Mass.

Joslin Regalado

Joslin is a Sociology major with a cluster in Social Inequality and Social Change from Lawrence, MA. She spends her time working at the Ginn Library or for the FIRST Resource Center and is a part of the Caribbean Student Organization, ENVY Step Team, Black Womyn's Collective, and running Social Media for Roti and Rum. 

Alan Veloz

Alan is a Community Health Major on a Pre-Med track from Connecticut. When not in class he is found helping and hosting events for Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC).

Andrew Vu

Andrew is a Computer Science Major at the School of Engineering. Coming from Texas, when he is not in class he is performing for The Institute Sketch Comedy Group, working out, or trying to find a new restaurant to eat at! 

Kevin Zheng

Kevin is an Economics major, born and raised in the city of Boston, Massachusetts (Yes, the actual Boston, MA). Although he always seems busy, you can catch him playing volleyball with the Tufts Men's Volleyball Team on the Res Quad or saucing up folks at the basketball courts or working at the Tisch Library.