FIT LeadersThe Student Coordinator works closely with the Athletics Department on the logistics for the FIT Pre-Orientation.  They serve as the main point of contact from incoming first-years, and works with various campus offices to plan the many fun activities that FIT offers.

Head Leaders work closely with the FIT coordinator and advisor during the week surrounding FIT to ensure the program runs smoothly and Peer Leaders and first-year students have a great time!
Peer Leaders

FIT is led by Peer Leaders (Tufts students) who have demonstrated their leadership in various activities on campus and a commitment to helping other students transition into college. These peer leaders are trained in an intensive three-day program to ensure they each have a solid knowledge of health and wellness and the skills that will ensure a positive experience for all FIT participants.

2021 Student Coordinators

Jailene PeraltaJailene Peralta

Coordinator & Head Leader, 2022

Jailene is from Brooklyn, New York. She is a junior majoring in Consumer Psychology. Apart from being a FIT Head Leader, she is also the Vice President of Women Entrepreneurs at Tufts. When she is not with friends or doing homework at The Sink, you can find her watching the sunset from Tisch roof. 



Evan SzablewskiEvan Szablewski

Coordinator & Head Leader, 2023

Evan is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a Sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering. On campus, Evan is on the Swim Team and is also a SAAC representative. You can find Evan studying in the SEC with his friends or sitting in Dewick.




Hannah SpencerHannah Spencer

Coordinator & Head Leader, 2022

Hannah is a Junior from Long Island, NY who is majoring in Engineering Psychology and minoring in Engineering Management. On campus, she works as a research assistant in a social psychology lab that studies race relations. She is also a part of The Ivy, which is a local sorority that was recently established here at Tufts. When it is warm out (and safe to do so) she loves to spend time in Boston—especially to get coffee and egg sandwiches at Tatte. After participating in FIT herself and being a Peer Leader for two years, she is excited to welcome the Class of 2025 as a Head Leader!




Jon Bird

Assistant Manager of Athletics Operations and Promotions


2021 Peer Leaders

Ali Acevedo

Ali is a senior from New York, New York. She is majoring in Community Health and minoring in Child Studies. When she's not in class, you can find her studying in the Campus Center or taking a walk off-campus. 

Amanda Aprati

Amanda is a rising junior from Chicago double-majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She edits for the Daily, tutors kids in English and is a member of the Ivy. 

Avery Aviv

Avery is a sociology major from Los Angeles! When not in class you can reliably find her binging Netflix series while looking at pictures of food (yay for multitasking!) :-)

Tommy Bhangdia

Tommy is a Biology and Environmental Studies double major from central Pennsylvania. When he is not at track practice, you can probably find him sun bathing on his roof!

Audrey Canty

Audrey is a Mechanical Engineering major from upstate New York. In her free time, she enjoys playing hockey with the Tufts Club Ice Hockey team, going on runs and exploring Boston with her friends.

Josh Chung

Josh is an International Relations and Economics major from Hong Kong. On campus he is part of Tufts Rugby and TFG, and he recently ran his first marathon in April.

Mia Cravitz

Mia is a Psychology and Community Health double major from Denver, Colorado. When not in class, you can find her playing basketball or giving tours around campus!

Jonah D’Alessandro

Jonah is a Mechanical Engineering Major from Somers, New York.  He likes to play guitar and lift rocks.

Sophie Dolan

Sophie is from Brooklyn, NY, and a Psychology major with two minors in Economics and Entrepreneurship. In her downtime, she is the Executive Photography Editor for The Tufts Daily newspaper and a member of ATO fraternity.

Nyah Ebanks

Nyah is a Biomedical Engineering Major from Metro Atlanta. She likes hanging out with friends and playing card games.

Grace Fielding

Grace is a Cognitive and Brain Science Major from Revere, Massachusetts.  She plays on the club volleyball team and is a member of Thalia, a new local sorority on campus. 

Jake Gardner

Jake is a Biochemistry Major, minoring in French, on a pre-med track hailing from the state of Connecticut. When not in class you can find him working in the Sports Medicine Department at the gym or playing soccer on Bello field!

Julia Giatrelis

Julia is from Belmont, MA (wicked close!) and has interests in economics, entrepreneurship, and theater/film. When not in class she is part of entrepreneurship clubs and stand up comedy club.

Coley Goren

Coley is an International Relations and Psychology double major, from Los Angeles. When not in class, you can find him playing basketball with friends, exploring the Boston area and waiting for the Lakers to repeat.

Claudia Guetta

Claudia is a Community Health and Sociology major, on the pre-med track. When not in class, you can find her fighting for prison and social justice, and going for runs outside!

Majeed Hallaj

Majeed is from Lexington, MA, with a mechanical engineer major and a minor in engineering management.  Majeed is involved in club soccer, research, and greek life at Tufts.

Katelin Isakoff

Katelin is a Pre-med Junior from Simsbury, CT majoring in Biology and Community Health. On campus, she is involved with TEMS (Tufts Emergency Medical Services), a member of the Swim Team, and a part of the Ivy, a local sorority at Tufts! Katelin loves to try new restaurants and is a big fan of brunch places!

Luke Isayiw

Luke is a Biomedical engineering major minoring in mathematics. He is from the state of Maryland and outside of class he can be found at the pool swimming, in Dewick eating with friends, or taking a nap.

Noah Jaeger Bruehl

Noah is an International Relations Major from Westborough, Massachusetts. In his free time he is either playing soccer on the club soccer team or skiing with the club ski team.

Jacob Kirsch

Jacob is an International Relations and Economics major from Chevy Chase, Maryland. In his free time he enjoys racing for the Tufts Club Ski Team, playing pickup basketball, and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Barrett Laird

Barrett studies Mathematics and Quantitative Economics at Tufts and is from Dover, MA. She is a Teaching Assistant for the Economics Department and loves sandwiches from Dave's Fresh Pasta in Davis Square.

Steven Landry

Steven is a psychology major from Bethesda, Maryland. He plays baseball and writes for the Tufts daily, while single handedly keeping Nick's Pizza in business.

Senna Lee

Senna is from San Francisco, California and is finishing her last year at Tufts majoring in Engineering Psychology. She is involved in Women's Club Soccer on campus, and enjoys singing karaoke in her free time.

Daniel (Petey) Lemmon

Daniel is an economics student at Tufts but prefers to be called Petey. He’s on the Tufts track and field team, a part of the Tufts alpha fund, and in his free time he enjoys playing chess, poker, and hanging out with friends.

Stephan Lhuillier

Stephan is an international student from the Philippines currently majoring in economics. You can find him on the tennis courts as he plays for the varsity tennis team at Tufts!

Alex Maleno

Alex is studying Computer Science in the Engineering School, and grew up on Long Island. He is on the Men's Rugby team here at Tufts, and is always looking for a new project to work on.

Thomas Mcnulty

Thomas is a computer science major from Cambridge MA. He loves climbing rocks with the Tufts climbing team and jamming out on guitar.

Yasmeen Meek

Yasmeen is a senior from Annapolis, Maryland studying Economics and World Literature. At Tufts, she loves going to Boston with her friends, planning product drives for PERIOD, and playing on the club lacrosse team.

Ellie Moret

Ellie is an Architectural Studies Major from Miami Beach, Florida. She loves the outdoors and spending time with her two dogs Reuben and Charlie.

Abbie Nelson

Abbie is a Child Studies and Human Development Major from the land of 10,000 lakes or better known as Minneapolis, Minnesota. She loves working with kids, spending time outside, and exploring new coffee shops around Boston.  

Jake Rocco

Jake is a Mechanical Engineering major with minors in Computer Science and Economics from right outside of Philadelphia. On campus, Jake is a consultant for the TAMID group as well as a member of ASME, club baseball, and Delta Tau Delta.

Noah Roll

Noah is from Minnesota, which has more real lakes than Wisconsin (this is a trigger don't get them started). They are studying Clinical Psychology. In their free time, they love hiking/getting lost in the Fells and watching movies with friends.

Henry Scherb

Henry is a sophomore majoring in Economics and pursuing a triple minor in Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Film & Media Studies. They hail from Winnetka, Illinois and are in love with the outdoors. They enjoy skiing, water sports, boating, fishing, hiking, long boarding, and many other outdoor activities.

Maddie Schneider

Maddie is a rising junior majoring in Econ and Community Health. On campus, she is a tour guide, a member of The Ivy, and loves to run.

Paul Schwartz

Paul is a biology major on the pre-med track. He spends his time at swim practice and working as a coronavirus vaccinator.

Matt Shea

Matt is an Economics major from North Andover, just north of Boston. Outside of the classroom you can find him ordering coffee at Dunkin' Donuts, or playing intramural basketball in Cousens.

Katie Shelburne

Katie is a Quantitative Economics Major from Houston, Texas! Outside of the classroom, she is on the Varsity Swim Team and organizes the social media for Tufts Green Dot.

Azita Shirinzadeh

Azita is a Biopsychology major from Seattle, Washington. Outside of classes, you can find Azita drinking coffee at the Sink with friends, mentoring with Tufts Chapter of Strong Women Strong Girls, or off on the red line to explore Boston's best foodie destinations.

Elizabeth Strileckis

Elizabeth is an environmental studies major from Sudbury, Mass. Usually engrossed in a political discussion or listening to a pop culture podcast, she can be found DJing from behind the desk at Tisch fitness center or taking the sMFA bus into Boston.

Courtney Swift

Courtney is a Political Science Major from New York, and will often bring a suitcase of bagels back to school with her. She loves yoga, going on hikes, and ordering in Thai food with her friends and watching a movie.

Becca Tenner

Becca is from Rye, NY and is majoring in Biology and Community Health. She is involved in Teach-in CORES at Tufts and spent the entire summer working in a lab at Tel Aviv University!

Sammy Thurm

Sammy is studying Political Science, Civic Studies, and Sociology, and she is from New York. On campus you can find her in J Street U, as a Matriculate advisor, and a member of the Ivy.

Devan Venkataraman

Devan is a junior from Medfield, Massachusetts studying Computer Science and Quantitative Economics. On campus, he is involved with TAMID Consulting Group, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Delta Tau Delta.

Lily Volper

Lily is a Cognitive and Brain Science (CBS) and Studio Art combined degree student from Boca Raton, FL. Outside of academics, she is involved in TEDxTufts and LCS Tutoring. She enjoys knitting, reading, drawing, and singing in the shower.

Clare Walker

Clare is a Junior from Washington, D.C. studying race in the criminal justice system. Outside of class she is a member of the ExCollege Board, a tutor with LCS tutoring, and loves spending time outdoors with friends and listening to music.

Henry Wyett

Henry is an economics major and finance minor from right here in Boston. He is involved on campus as the president of club baseball and Delta Tau Delta.