Student Testimonials

FOCUS was a fantastic way to start off college--it was a great mix of meeting new people, doing community service, and exploring Boston!

Megan Kuhnle
Class of 2019

Participating in FOCUS was one of the best decisions I made coming into college. I met some of my closest friends through FOCUS It was a wonderful way to not only meet and become close with them and get to know Boston, but also an excellent way to do so while giving back to the community in an enjoyable way.

Maddy van der Rijn
Class of 2019

Student sitting around a table


FOCUS was one of the most important experiences of my freshman year. I was able to meet a great group of people, start to become adjusted to the college lifestyles, and make a positive impact on the Medford/Somerville community.

Michael DeCortin
Class of 2017