Student Coordinators work closely with the Africana Center staff throughout the spring and summer  to plan intentional programming both on and off campus, giving first-years a fun and memorable experience.

Student Leaders are upper class students who work to  offer new students a sense of friendship, belonging and community and strive to be available, accessible, and approachable throughout the Pre-Orientation experience, as well as beyond. Leaders are selected from students with a broad range of academic, leadership and social experiences on campus. The selection process for Leaders is based on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) approachability, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, experiences at Tufts, organizational and leadership skills and the ability to work with a team.


Amma Agyei2020 Student Coordinators

Amma Agyei


Amma Agyei is a sophomore originally from Ghana, Africa. She studies Biomedical Engineering on a pre-medicine track. On-campus, Amma is a Class of 2022 Senator, a member of the Roti and Rum dance team (a Caribbean dance team) and President of the Black Students Union. She loves to paint, watch movies and listen to music during her leisure time. She is looking forward to meeting the SQUADron of 2024. 

Jaime GivensJaime Givens


Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Jaime has come to find a home at Tufts and in Somerville, MA which is why she wanted to spend some of her summer on campus coordinating SQUAD. She is a rising sophomore thinking about studying Africana Studies and Civic Studies. She participated in the Tufts 1+4 Bridge-Year Global Program and was located in Hyderabad, India for the 2018-19 school year. After transitioning back into campus life this year, she has been a member of Jumpstart, the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Student Organization, and Pan-Afrikan Alliance. When she is not watching The Office or Criminal Minds she can be found reading or hanging out with friends and family. Jaime’s all time favorite quote is by Maya Angelou because it keeps her grounded in hope, it reads: “Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise.”


Program Advisors

Katrina Moore

Katrina Moore

Africana Center Director
As director of the Africana Center, Katrina serves as a campus resource and educates the community on emerging issues regarding students of African descent. She is responsible for establishing the Center's vision and advocates on behalf of students in cases of intolerance and/or discrimination. She works closely with students and student organizations to develop effective programs and initiatives to enhance the co-curricular experience of students and build leadership skills. A sought-after campus leader, Katrina participates in committee assignments, both within the division and the broader Tufts community.

Domonique JohnsonDomonique T. Johnson, LCSW

Africana Center Program Manager
As program manager of the Africana Center, Domonique strives to find the balanced between the wants of students and the vision of the Africana Center. She is responsible for the logistics of programming that happens through the Center, overseeing the various employees and collaboration efforts, and supporting student groups in their program endeavors. As an alumnus of Tufts, she is very proud to see the legacy of Africana descendants on campus moving forward and growing. But as an employee, she is very excited to be a part of a community striving to further its understanding of inclusion and unity within the division and the broader Tufts community.

2020 Peer Leaders

Amber Asumda

Amber is a rising junior from Snellville, Georgia. As a first-generation Ghanaian-American, Amber is passionate about learning how to best assist those in developing nations such as, spreading knowledge of financial literacy and economic growth. Here at Tufts, she plans on furthering her goal by pursuing a major in International Relations, Economic Development on a pre-law track. She is a Tisch Scholar, Co-coordinator of Tufts University Social Collective (TUSC), and VP of Finance of Alpha Phi’s Zeta Theta chapter. She is also a student intern at the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (IDHE) of Tisch College where she works with the institute's director on research pertaining to student civic learning and participation in democracy. As a SQUAD Peer Leader, she hopes to utilize her collective experiences from said groups to be an understanding and multidimensional peer leader who can bring many approaches to conversations and answers to questions about the Africana experience at Tufts.

Stephanie Karam

Born and raised in the Soundview section of Bronx, New York, Stephanie Karam understands what it means to persevere. Someone who always seems to rise to the unobtainable top from the endless bottom is why she is now a Civil Engineering major for the class of 2023. As a member of the Black Student Union, Roti and Rum and the American Society of Civil Engineers, “Steph” is all about unity. When she is not around Tufts University Steph is in the Bronx protecting lives as a lifeguard or educating the survival skills of swimming to all ages. She joined SQUAD for a purpose that will remain true to the bone: to help the community build from the ground up in a positive light that was once measured to be impossible. As Steph would say “Love and success is best when shared”.

Laporsha Dees

Laporsha is a sophomore from Hartford, CT. She started Tufts early by participating in BLAST, a 6-week bridge program for first-generation and low-income students and participated in SQUAD going into her freshman year. Currently, Laporsha is apart of various groups such as Black students in Computer Science, Black Womyn's Group and ROTI & RUM, the only Caribbean dance team on campus where she recently became captain. She is also heavily involved in OCL and the dance program. In February, she declared her major in Cognitive and Brain Science and plans on completing a minor in dance. But when she is not busy with her school work and clubs, catch her watching movies and anime with her friends in the First Center or Africana Center and hear her talk about her undying love for chocolate.

Praise Adekola

Praise came to Tufts from Connecticut, but was born in Nigeria and spent her childhood all over the United States, and in Canada. She is a rising sophomore and plans on double-majoring in Clinical Psychology and Biomedical Sciences. Praise is your go-to gal if you ever need a laugh or bit of cheering up. In her free time, Praise loves to spend time with her friends, catch up on Grey's Anatomy, and listen to music (anything and everything Akon!). She is so excited to work with the incoming freshmen and hopes to make their transition to Tufts smooth and fun!

Noble Ohakam

Noble is a rising junior from New York, currently studying Computer Science in the school of Engineering. On campus, Noble is part of the Tufts Men’s Track team, competes in the shot put, discus, hammer, and weight throwing events. He has a passion for weightlifting and styling. Noble’s favorite books the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Native Son by Richard Wright, and the Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler. He is very excited to meet the rest of the Squadron to help in their transitioning to the collegiate lifestyle.

Terrell Cornelius

Terrell is originally from Harlem, New York . Terrell has a natural born passion for education and strives to provide educational equity to students who exemplify the needs of additional supports. Terrell will receive his Master’s in Special Education from Tufts University, immediately followed by principal licensure. On his free time, Terrell enjoys teaching English to ESL students through Potentia. He is a die hard Lana Del Rey fan and loves spicy tuna rolls.

Rowan Bishop

Rowan is a rising junior of Haitian descent majoring in biology on the pre-dental track. She finds herself actively involved on campus as a member of the executive board for both the Caribbean Students' Organization and Pre-Dental Society. She is also apart of Tufts' only Caribbean dance team, Roti and Rum. During her free time, she enjoys lifting at the gym, painting, and watching sports or hair and makeup tutorials.

Cheonan Kougba

Chonan is a rising 3rd-year student at Tufts originally from Cheonan, South Korea. He is presently studying Chemical and Biological Engineering while being a member of S-Factor, Tufts only all-male identifying vocal experience focusing on the music of the African Diaspora. During his leisure time, he spends much of his time either socializing with fellow Black students or listening to music

Rodney White

Personal development and dance are two of my favorite things. Naturally, I love music, as well as visual art. If I'm not engaged in one of those, I'm watching Anime or Sitcoms from the 50s.

Josh Fitzgerald

Josh is a junior from Baltimore, Maryland. He studies mechanical engineering and loves to dance. In fact, he is a member of BlackOut Step Team and is co-founder of Harlem Grooves, Tufts newest dance group. As a language enthusiast he enjoys learning different languages like Spanish, French and Swahili and loves to travel when he can. Josh looks forward to connecting with first years and starting off the new semester with Harlem Grooves.