Student Testimonials

Doing TWO was the best decision I made coming into Tufts. It was a huge highlight of my freshman year and I really wish I could do it again. I highly recommend doing pre-orientation because it is really quite nice to have familiar faces on campus the minute you start school, or else it seems like a quite daunting place.

Bianca Capretta  Class of 2019

For me, Tufts Wilderness Orientation was an incredibly enriching experience as well as a fantastic first impression of Tufts. The students involved are just so excited to meet you and make pre-o the best week of your life that by the end, you're guaranteed to have established friendships that not only stay with you through orientation week, but all four years of college and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a better start to the semester!

Nicole Loranger
Class of 2019

Student at sunset


I don't think any experience I've had at Tufts has come close to producing the same kind of bonds that TWO did. Whether we were picnicking on the summit of a 4,000 ft. mountain along the Appalachian Trail or we were splashing each other in our canoes during a hot summer day, I don't think I stopped smiling for five days straight. I left TWO with seven new best friends in the freshman class and two fantastic upperclassmen mentors who were there to help me navigate the beginning of my college experience.

Tom Johst Class of 2019

TWO made me feel as though I had a home in a place 2000 miles from where I'd come and turned my anxiety and fear into laughter and friendships.

Doo-yun Her
Class of 2018

Students on a hike


You never really know what you're going to get when you put a bunch of people in the woods together but when you emerge, dirty, happy, and exhausted, you definitely have a solid group of friends and a bunch of advice from leaders that will make the college transition so much easier.

Ceili Hale Class of 2017Students on a wilderness trip

TWO brings Jumbos from all corners of the world and levels of outdoors experience to adventure through the beautiful New England wilderness! You will meet some of your closest friends, remarkable role models, and amazing peers while bonding over trail pizza and bear bagging. It all seems almost TWO good to be true, right?

Erynne van Zee Class of 2017