The Student Coordinator team works tirelessly throughout the spring and summer to bring you a fun and meaningful experience. They plan the trips, select and train the staff, and are the faces behind the many communications you receive if you are placed in TWO. Email the TWO coordinator team if you have any questions about TWO.

Each TWO trip is led by two Student Leaders. Leaders are primarily juniors and seniors selected because of their passion for welcoming the first-year class, as well as their enthusiasm for the outdoors. TWO Student Leaders will be right there with you in the woods, helping you to make the most of your experience. All of our leaders have had extensive training that includes wilderness first aid, leave-no-trace principles, backcountry camping skills, and group dynamics.

Support Staff make sure the program runs smoothly from beginning to end. In addition to attending many of the same trainings as the leaders, they also prepare the equipment and food for each trip and respond to the needs of trips while they are out. Support staff take pride in being the first faces students see when arrive for their TWO experience.

2019 TWO Staff

2021 Student Coordinators

Erica LevyErica Levy


Erica is a senior from Great Neck, NY, majoring in Architectural Studies and Anthropology with a minor in Studio Art! On campus she loves the Tufts Observer and visiting her friends at the Sink. Nowadays you can find her making things in her Barnum Hall art studio, biking down the Minuteman, or putting parmesan cheese on everything.

Emmy DaroEmmy Daro


Emmy is a sophomore from Mill Valley, CA studying Mechanical Engineering. She is on the Tufts climbing team and a mentor for the Girls in STEM program. In her free time, she enjoys running, playing Minecraft, and reading YA fiction. On weekends you can usually find Emmy taking the Red Line to get bagels in Boston.




Emily Quigley

Emily Quigley

Program Advisor





2021 Leaders & Support Staff

Surya Adeleye

Surya is a Child Study and Human Development and Women, Gender, and Sexualities double major. She's from Massachusetts, and when she is not in class, you can find her helping out at TUSC, putting on programs at the Women's Center, or hanging out at the Crafts Center!

Emma Adelstein

Emma is on the pre-med track and studying sociology, Arabic, and food and nutrition systems. Like her Colorado roots you can find her reading, writing, and being outside for all of it!

Maddie Aitken

Maddie is a sophomore from Montclair, NJ majoring in English and Film & Media Studies. On campus she's involved with The Tufts Daily and plays on the women's club lacrosse team. In her free time, you can find her reading, eating green apples, or photosynthesizing on prez lawn (or all three at the same time when she's feeling extra crazy).

Daniel Alderman

Daniel is a Computer Science Major and a Political Science Minor. He is from Oakland, CA and loves spending time in all of the beautiful nature the Bay Area has to offer. When he is not reading a paper or writing a program, he is playing frisbee or relaxing outside with friends.

Alessandra Allegra

Alessandra is a Combined Degree student from New York studying illustration and animation at the SMFA, and biology and Italian on the Medford campus. Between classes, she loves playing piano, walking local dogs, and watching Ghibli films with her friends.

Ibrahim AlMuasher

Ibrahim (he/him) is an Economics and Civic Studies or International Relations (its still undecided) Major on a prelaw track from Amman, Jordan. He is a member of TCU Senate and Tisch Scholars and loves playing pick-up soccer on the weekends.

Simone Barr

Simone is an English and Psychology major from Westport, CT. She loves birds, basset hounds, gothic novels, and watching TED talks.

Aidan Beckett

Aidan is a sophomore Mechanical Engineering student from the small but proud state of Rhode Island. They love playing music, sports, and being in the outdoors.

Jacob Beiser

Jacob is a clinical psych and music double major from Chicago! When he's not inhaling multiple burritos from Hodge, you can find him singing with the Bubs or attempting to meditate with the Buddhist mindfulness meditation club.

Kyle Bergeron

Kyle is a Biopsychology major from Shelburne Vermont. Outside of class, you can find him volunteering as an EMT on Tufts EMS or running to the Fells.

Ellie Bloom

Ellie is a rising sophomore from San Fransisco, CA. She loves cooking and spending time outdoors with friends either at the beach or on the trail!

Ian Boldiston

Ian is an International Relations Major from Albany, NY. He is involved with several organizations on campus ranging from MERG to Tufts Cricket Club, and enjoys hanging out in the sun in his free time!

Daisy Bonifant

Daisy is an environmental engineering and biology double major from Raleigh, North Carolina. Her favorite study spot on campus is the little wall next to the bike racks outside of Tisch.

Curry Brinson

Curry (he/him) is double-majoring in History and Religion. When not rewriting history or creating a new religion, Curry can be found working at Goddard Chapel or working with friends with Action for Sexual Assault Prevention.

Malia Brooks

Malia is a biomedical engineering from Honolulu, HI (yes, she knows how to surf). She enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, climbing, and discovering new music in her free time.

Emika Brown

Emika is an Environmental Engineering major from Boulder, Colorado. She gets outside whenever she can and is an avid skier, runner, and cereal consumer.

Gwendolyn Brown

Gwendy is an Environmental Studies and International Relations major from the same corner of Connecticut as Gilmore Girl! When not in class you can find her taking long hikes or seeking out funky food.

Alexa Brown

Alexa is a sophomore studying Community Health and Hebrew. She is from North Carolina and Colorado, and loves skiing, getting coffee from the Sink, and spotting dogs around campus.

Kyle Burton

Kyle is a Biology and English double major. His hometown of Fairfield, CT is flat as a pancake and not good for hiking, but luckily Tufts Wilderness Orientation has showed him awesome hiking spots. On nice days, you can find him logging out of zoom and running around campus with friends.

Sabrina Cabarcos

Sabrina is a huge bookworm and a self proclaimed foodie, especially into vegetarian and vegan cooking. She is considering studying English and another major, perhaps economics. When she's not in class you can find her working at the Sink, preparing speciality coffee drinks for loyal customer or you can find her running around the Medford/Somerville area discovering new running routes.

Ned Carlson

Ned is a Combined Degree Student majoring in environmental science, architectural studies, and studio art. He hails from Ithaca in Upstate New York (Ithaca is Gorges). When not in class you can find him making art, playing soccer, hiking, skiing, or running the Boxed Art Gallery.

Will Carter

Will is a Film and Media Studies major from Sonoma, CA. You can always find him doing something outdoors, swimming in Hamilton Pool, or working with the EcoReps!

Iyra Chandra

Iyra is a biopsychology major on the pre-med track from Hastings on Hudson NY. Iyra loves to be outside in whatever capacity is possible whether it's hiking, swimming, or skiing.

Raga Chilakamarri

Raga is a rising junior from Sharon, MA, double majoring in Economics and English with a minor in Film and Media Studies. Outside of class, she’s usually designing graphics for TUSC, throwing around with the Ultimate Frisbee team, or spending way too much JumboCash at The Sink.  

Zac Churchill

Zac is a Sociology and Environmental Studies major from Davidson, North Carolina. He loves to write, to hike, and do any possible outdoor activity with the Tufts Mountain Club

Elisa Cink

Elisa is a community health and biology major from Jackson, WY. In her free time she loves skiing, hiking, cooking, and exploring Boston.

Maria Clark

Maria is a Biology Major and Japanese Minor from San Diego! When not in class you can find her in the climbing gym or hanging out with friends outside.

Sarah Cohen

Sarah is an English and Environmental Studies double major from Ann Arbor, Michigan (Go Blue!). She loves making niche Spotify playlists, reading novels, and hugging trees.

Caitlin Colino

Caitlin is an environmental engineering major from Seattle (#westcoastbestcoast). She loves to dance and play frisbee when not busy with school! 

Jill Collins

Jill is studying Environmental Health Engineering, and is from Evanston, IL (a suburb of Chicago)! When not doing school work you can find her editing for the Tufts Daily or going on a hike with friends.

Dorothy DiMascio-Donohue

Dorothy is an Environmental Engineering and Geology Major from the south shore of Massachusetts. Dorothy plays frisbee on the Tufts EWO and loves to paint, cook veggies, and get outside!

Ella Do

Ella is a geology and French double major from Irvine, CA (though a Bay Area kid at heart). You’ll find her running Tufts Calligraphy Club events, hanging out with Vietnamese Student Club friends, or just porch-loafing on sunny days.

Mimi Downie

Mimi is an American studies major home grown in Somerville MA! 

Sophia Duncan

Sophia is an ILVS (International Literature and Visual Studies) major from Los Angeles, California! You can spot her in the Campus Center downing coffee or chai, or if it's a sunny day, on Prez Lawn manning a speaker with some sweet tunes. 

Elizabeth Endo

Elizabeth is a junior from Los Angeles majoring in computer science and minoring in studio art and philosophy. They like rock climbing with the Tufts climbing team and  jumping on their mini trampoline.

Nayun Eom

Nayun is a Sociology and Economics major interested in studying the attention economy. Tufts is now her fifth home, after living in Japan for ten years, Korea for two, California for two, and Massachusetts for seven.

Li Epperson

LiChai Epperson studies structural engineering and is currently pursing a minor in architectural studies. He loves listening to new music and trying new cuisines, which explains why he loved growing up in New York City. When not in class you can find him at the climbing gym, out hiking or napping in every possible position. 

Jason Feng

Jason is a Quantitative Economics Major from Shanghai and New Jersey (Central Jersey does exist!). When not in class you can find him playing soccer at the Bello Field or cooking Chinese food with friends.

Amelia Gleixner

Amelia is from San Jose, California, and she is majoring in biomedical engineering and is pre-med. When not in class she likes to run and bake. 

Olivia Goss

Olivia is a Mechanical Engineer from Seattle, Washington. Academically, she enjoys combining technical skills and creative thinking, through mechanical and computer aided design. When she's not working, she spends her time playing Ultimate Frisbee for the Tufts Ewo and working at Oath Pizza in Davis Square (come by!).

Natalie Green

Natalie is planning to major in Biochemistry, and is from Cleveland, Ohio. She is passionate about political activism, music, and hair dye.

Francesca Guthrie

Francesca is an economics and music student from Ramsey, NJ. In her free time, she loves to drum on trash with Tufts BEATs, write for the Palmier Magazine, and explore Boston.

Alicia Heia

Alicia is a Sociology major, double minoring in Film & Media Studies and Political Science. From Seattle Washington, Alicia loves to hike and get outside. When she's not in class, you can catch her with the Model United Nations Club, in the boathouse with the Tufts Rowing team, or getting the next edition of VOCES Magazine ready for publishing!

Miles Henderson

Miles is a Political Science & Civic Studies major from the Heaven on Earth that is Central Massachusetts. He spends most of his time eating peanut butter since it's the one nut he isn't allergic to, any leftover time is spent at TUSC and Club Swim.

Andres Hernandez

Andres is a Human Factors Engineering major from Caracas, Venezuela. He loves the beach and swimming in the ocean.

Archit Jain

Archit Jain is a computer science major from one of the most diverse countries India. He might seem as one of the most hyped individuals outside but in his free time he sits and contemplates not realising when he has written another poem.

Nick Januario

Nick is a biochemistry major, from the tiny but absolutely grand state of Rhode Island. In his free time he loves to work on garden design projects, read, and hang with friends.

Owen Lasko

Owen is a Civil Engineering Student who wants to work in Urban Planning and Design. He spends free time traveling and going to restaurants, and has far too much Chicago pride. 

Sofie Lasko

Sofie is an International Relations major from the Chicago area. If she's not lounging in the sunshine, you can spot her in Cheap Sox Improv Comedy or face painted for HYPE! Mimes.

Audrey Ledbetter

Audrey is a Philosophy major from Houston, Texas. When not reading you can find her napping, walking in the Fells, or eating a muffin from the Sink.

Renée Ledoux

Renée is a Community Health and Biology major on the pre-med track, and grew up in Concord, MA. She loves working with various public health clubs on campus and enjoys exploring new restaurants in Boston with her friends!

Olivia Lewis

Olivia is a Community Health and Spanish Cultural Studies major who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. On campus, she's a writing fellow and on executive board of Tufts ASAP, and is spending the summer in Washington, DC as a Tisch Summer Fellow.

Simone Lewis

Simone is an Environmental Studies and Economics major and Art History minor from Berkeley, California - which she never ever ever talks about. She loves going up to New Hampshire with the Mountain Club, hammocking on Tisch roof, and eating bell peppers like apples.

Sean Lim

Sean is a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics major, from the sunny island-nation of Singapore! When not stressing out over a CS assignment, you can find him roaming around Boston for brunch, procrastinating in the SEC or sweating excessively at the gym.

Shai Lofdahl Fruchter

Shai is a rising junior double majoring in philosophy and computer science. Moving to the United States at the age of 13, Shai was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Israel. At Tufts, Shai plays frisbee and spends most of his time at the Campus Center! Go Bo’s!! 

Tara Lowensohn

Tara is a Biochemistry major from Burlington, VT, with a passion for the 4 C's: cooking, chemistry research, crocs, and cuddling with her cat. Tara enjoys running with her teammates on the Tufts Track & Field and Cross Country teams and exploring the best donut/bagel shops in the greater Boston area.

Rachel Madison

Rachel is from Austin, Texas (yee-haw!)and is studying Environmental Communications, Spanish, and Film & Media Studies at Tufts. She loves running around the Mystic (careful of the Geese...), enjoying picnics on Prez Lawn, stoping to pet all the dogs around campus, and taking advantage of all that New England seasons have to offer!

Bella Maharaj

Bella is a Political Science major from the sunny state of South Florida. You can find her playing basketball, listening to music, and shooting on film. 

Summer Maxwell

Summer is from Acton, Massachusetts and is interested in studying political science at Tufts. She is also on the Tufts Rowing team and has a special place in her heart for kombucha and cats.

Logan McAllister

Logan is a computer science major from just outside of Philadelphia. He loves the Eagles (the band and the team) and anything relating to the outdoors.

Brie McGowan

Brie is double majoring in International Relations and Economics and minoring in Arabic. She is from Fanwood, New Jersey. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her playing ultimate frisbee with the Tufts Women Ultimate Frisbee Team or hammocking on prez lawn!

Phoebe McIntosh

Phoebe is a proud Wisconsinite studying sociology (and an unknown something else!) who spends her time outside of class going on hikes with the TMC, doing yoga, and picnicking on pres lawn with friends!

Claire McMichael

Claire is getting a BFA focused in sculpture and textile art and comes from Evanston, IL. They like to spend their free time knitting, watching movies, and doing anything outdoors.

Grace Melcher

Grace is a rising senior from Houston, Texas.  At Tufts, she's studying computer science and engineering psychology, and she likes to spend her free time running and hiking!

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth is from Westchester, NY and studies environmental engineering. She loves running, peanut butter, and NYT crossword puzzles!

Trisha Musall

Trisha comes from Glastonbury, Connecticut and plans on majoring in Physics. In her free time, she loves to wander around the surrounding area and try to find her way back without a map, as well as read really bad YA novels and attempt to keep her succulents alive.

Luke Pautler

Luke plans on studying Chemistry and currently lives in Concord, Massachusetts when not at Tufts. He has a weekly radio show and thinks that Pax et Lox is the best place to get food on campus.

Harrison Ringel

Harrison is a Psychology Major from New York. He enjoys composing music, his WMFO show, doing photography for Currents Magazine, and playing handball with the fencing team.

Ryan Rockett

Ryan is a Biomedical Engineering major from Duxbury, Massachusetts. In class he enjoys learning about all types of science, and out of class he enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and eating carrot cake from Carm.

Luca Rogoff

Luca is an Environmental and American Studies co-major from Arlington, Virginia. They are a member of the Tufts Labor Coalition and Tufts Mountain Club, a barista at our student-run coffee shop- The Sink-, and a general lover of the outdoors.

Grace Rubardt

Grace is a Cognitive and Brain Science major, hoping to use her knowledge of the human brain to take down capitalism. She spends most of her time listening to music and making coffee at the Sink, occasionally even for customers and not just for herself!

Shruti Sagar

Shruti is a Community Health Major from New Jersey. She loves unique ice cream flavors and being outside, especially exploring new places.

DJ Sandler

DJ is an English and Anthropology major from Middlebury Vermont. When not in class he teaches at an elementary school, plays music, and spends time with his housemates.

Lydia Savitt

Lydia grew up in Westchester, New York, and is also a dual citizen of Sweden. She is a proud member of the Tufts Equestrian Team and Tufts Mountain Club and loves local bike rides and Mystic Lake swims.

Robert Sawdey

Robert is a sophomore from Merrimack, New Hampshire majoring in psychology with a minor in sociology! When not in class, he enjoys playing chess, eating Hodge grain bowls, and hiking with friends. 

Sam Schrage

Sam is an Environmental Engineering/Chemistry double major from New Jersey. An avid runner, you can find him logging miles with Tufts Marathon Team or leading Tufts Running Club through distance runs and workouts.

Justin Schuster

Justin is an International Relations Major from Simsbury, Connecticut. He enjoys running with the Tufts Marathon Team, playing bass in Tufts Symphony Orchestra and jazz ensembles, and hiking in New Hampshire.

Helen Skilbred

Helen is a Biology Major at Tufts and Oboe Performance Major at the New England Conservatory. She's from California and loves blueberries. Her favorite hobbies include walking, reading, and making tea.

Leila Skinner

Leila is an IR & env studies major from the oldest (and definitely haunted) house in small-town Hudson, Ohio; at Tufts, she is involved with Students for Justice in Palestine, Tufts Food Rescue, and Green Dot Ambassadors. Outside of class, she spends her time eating (and posting about!) potato triangles, running & swimming in the Mystic Lakes, and working at a local farm!

Becca Solot

Becca is a rising senior from the suburbs of Chicago studying Anthropology and Civic Studies. She loves playing card games, hearing new riddles, and adding books to her reading list that she knows she will never get around to [ :( ].

Elka Sorensen

Elka is a combined degree student with environmental studies and fine arts, originally from the Bay Area in California. When not drowning in piles of work, she can be seen making weird screen prints and trying to learn to yo-yo.

Nick Sorger

Nick is an Economics and Environmental Studies Major from the fabulous state of Massachusetts. When not studying he can be found tutoring elementary students as a member of Tufts Tutors or hiking and camping in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

Noah Stancroff

Noah is from Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is studying Psychology and Education. He doesn't always enjoy running but does it anyway, plays plenty of online Euchre (the best card game out there), and loves working in the Racial Equity and Diversity Lab at Tufts.

Tara Steckler

Tara is a rising senior from Berkeley, CA, and she's an Environmental Studies major. Outside of her classes, she loves rock climbing, hiking, painting, and crossword puzzling.

Emma Stout

Emma is an English and Environmental Studies major from Houston, TX. When she’s not in class you can find her reading on prez lawn or tuning into WMFO!

Jael Strell

Jael is a Political Science and Environmental Studies double major from NYC (the best place ever!!). In addition to being a TWO leader, she is a barista at the Sink (the student-run coffee shop in the Campus Center) and a member of Tufts Garden Club. Her favorite study spot on campus is the top floor of the Cabot Intercultural Center because you have an unobstructed view of the Boston skyline.

Leah Sugrue

Leah is a Clinical Psychology major from Long Island, NY! Besides academics, Leah enjoys being part of TEDxTufts on campus and finding the best hot chocolate in Boston.

Mayura Thomas

From a suburb of Boston, Mayura is a Biochemistry major who is very passionate about oatmeal. She enjoys spending time outdoors and will put peanut butter on anything!

Sam VanderMeulen

Sam is an environmental studies and political science major from Montclair, New Jersey. When not in class, you can find him getting sunburned on the Pres Lawn or procrastinating his work :)

Francesca Viggiani

Francesca is a Biology major and a Medford townie! She loves ice cream, anything chocolate, and long walks on the beach. 

Mengqi Wang

Irina is an international student from Beijing, studying Cognitive & Brain Science, Computer Science, and Child Studies(it's a minor!). When not in class you can find them wandering on the street and taking photos of random stuff! Or cooking!

Stephanie Waugh

Stephanie is a Political Science and American Studies double major from Austin, TX. Outside of class, Stephanie enjoys ballroom dancing with the Tufts team, traveling to new places, and lounging on the president's lawn.

Mathis Weber

Mathis is an intended Physics and CS major from France, currently living in Tokyo, Japan. He loves to play Spikeball and you will find him on pres lawn making ski jumps during the winter months.

Sawyer Wilson

Sawyer is a student athlete majoring in Computer Science and on the Pre-Medical track. He runs on the Tufts Varsity Cross Country and Track teams and love hiking, exploring, and all things outside.

Zach Woods

Zach is a Child Studies/Human Development and Biology double major and an English and French minor from near Austin, TX. When not in one of his way too many classes, he teaches preschool in Davis Square or is doing homework on Prez Lawn.

Sabrina Zhang

Sabrina is a rising junior from Sharon, MA majoring in Biomedical Engineering! Outside of class, she is a part of the Tufts Ski Team, Ultimate Frisbee Team, and Animal Aid; she also loves making playlists and struggling to raise her growing number of dying plants.