The Bursar is responsible for providing accurate bills and billing information, processing bill payments, and the approval and processing of refunds. We serve all undergraduate students and graduate students in the Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering, as well as the Fletcher School.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my bill?

We bill students electronically via Tufts eBill, through CashNet. eBill is only accessible through the SIS portal. Your student will need to invite you or other individuals to view or pay the eBill by adding you as an Invited Viewer in SIS. Once an eBill is issued, Invited Viewers and students will receive a notification that it is available for viewing.

When will I receive the bill?

The Fall eBill statement is released in early July (due in early August) and the Spring eBill statement is released in early November (due in early December).

What will I be billed for?

Each semester, you will be billed for tuition, a room, and a meal plan. On the Fall eBill you will also be billed for the Activity Fee, the mandatory Health and Wellness fee, and Medical Insurance. Medical Insurance can be waived upon proof of comparable coverage by completing the waiver in SIS. (The waiver needs to be completed each Fall semester).

What does my bill look like?

The eBill is a snapshot of the account that reflects information as of the listed billing date. Please consult our online billing guide.

How can I pay my bill?

The preferred method of payment is through Tufts eBill. You can make payments electronically from a checking or savings account. Please visit our website to review other payment options.

Can I pay my bill in installments?

Yes. The Tuition Payment Plan offered by Cashnet allows you to pay in 5 monthly installments per Fall and Spring Semester. More information on the payment plan can be found online.

What is Tuition Insurance, and how can my student enroll?

Every year, college students around the country navigate many physical or mental health challenges, and some students unexpectedly take time away from their studies. Our departments work closely with Tufts students whose health issues may significantly impact their ability to complete a semester. Reasons for a medical leave vary, and can stem from a concussion, a prolonged bout of mononucleosis, problems with depression or anxiety, or many other health-related conditions beyond one's control. The University provides a graded tuition refund for all medical leaves taken at the beginning of each semester; beyond the first six weeks of each term a student who takes a medical leave without insurance forfeits a substantial portion - or the entirety - of the payments made toward that semester's tuition.

Tuition insurance is meant to safeguard your financial commitment should an unexpected health concern necessitate that your Tufts student take a medical leave of absence this year. Participation in the Tuition Refund Plan is entirely optional, but we strongly encourage you consider enrolling. If you wish to enroll online, please submit the application and payment by the first day of classes. Applications will not be accepted after that date. Questions can be directed to Dewar at 617-774-1555.

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