Financial Aid

Tufts' Financial Aid office administers financial aid and student loans for all undergraduate students and federal aid for graduate students in Arts and Sciences and Engineering, as well as the Fletcher School. We meet 100% of need, as determined by our analysis of family financial resources, for all admitted undergraduates who complete an aid application by their respective deadline. Tufts does not offer merit scholarships to Liberal Arts and Engineering undergraduates. We process graduate student loans and work study; graduate scholarships are determined by individual departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my student re-apply for financial aid?

Undergraduates must reapply for financial aid every year by April 15. Complete instructions and a list of required forms and documents may be found on the Financial Aid website.

How does Tufts treat outside aid?

Outside aid will reduce the self-help portion of a student’s financial aid award before their Tufts grant. For more details, please visit the Financial Aid website.

How do students use work study?

Students are awarded work study as part of their financial aid package. This allows them to earn money while in school by finding a job on campus and being paid weekly. The student does not have to utilize work study, and if they decide to work they are not required to earn the maximum amount awarded. To find a job on campus, students may visit the Student Employment website.

How does financial aid account for tiered housing?

The difference between the standard room and a different tier option will be accounted for in the cost of attendance and financial aid award. Therefore, a student doesn’t need to limit their housing choice based solely on cost. For more information, visit the Financial Aid website.

How does financial aid change if my student lives off campus?

If a student lives off-campus, their cost of attendance and financial aid will still be based upon the standard room tier. Therefore, living off campus does not affect their financial aid. What does change is the student’s bill. They will not be charged for a room and may choose to reduce, or cancel, their meal plan. If the student’s aid happens to exceed their charges, they will have a credit balance on their student account which they can request as a refund at the start of the semester. This refund should be used to pay for rent, utilities and food each semester. For more information visit on the Financial Aid website.

How does studying abroad impact financial aid?

If your student attends a Tufts study abroad program, they will be eligible to receive all aid as awarded except work study, which will be replaced with loan and grant aid.

If your student attends a non-Tufts program, they will retain eligibility only for federal and state aid. Tufts aid will not be awarded for non-Tufts programs. A Consortium/Contractual Agreement is also required. For more details visit the Financial Aid website.