Academic Coaching

The Tufts University Academic Coaching Program works to promote self-regulation and resiliency in graduate and undergraduate students across the university.  We provide a variety of individual and group programming that attends to the needs of a diverse community of learners and includes one-on-one coaching, academic skills and discipline-specific workshops, and small group tutoring for specific courses.  We also provide support in public speaking and presentation skills. Students may meet with members of our staff at any point during their Tufts career.

Academic Skills Workshops

Attend a workshop that will help you develop foundational skills for academic success. Topics vary weekly and include tackling test anxiety, overcoming procrastination, managing your time, public speaking and presentation skills or decoding a syllabus.  

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Discipline-Specific Workshops

Attend a workshop that focuses on success in a particular course or subject area. Topics vary throughout the semester.  

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Individual Coaching

Meet one-on-one with a professional Academic Coach or a Graduate Academic Skills Consultant to learn more about your individual learning styles, managing your time and extracurricular commitments, and what resources may be helpful during your collegiate experience. 

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Subject Tutoring

Small group tutoring is available for specific courses at Tufts.  Visit Tutor Finder to see a list of available sessions. 

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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

One-on-one appointments and workshops are available for students and groups who want to develop their public speaking skills. Our consultants can help students overcome public speaking anxiety, develop and polish presentation materials, and learn to speak confidently in a variety of academic settings.  Visit Tutor Finder to find a list of available sessions!


Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Academic Coaching Staff is excited to help faculty and staff support student learning.  Refer a student who is struggling using our Student Support Portal, request a workshop for your class or program, or contact Katherine Swimm, Associate Director of Academic Support, with questions.


Resources for Students

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need an individual tutoring session, or one-on-one coaching session?

The StAAR Center hopes that each student will try our group programming – small group tutoring, tutoring drop-in hours, study groups, or academic skills workshops – which may provide the resources you need.  If you have tried one of these resources and feel you still need individual help, please reach out to your Professor, TA, or Academic Dean, who can refer you to individual tutoring after you meet with them. If you have questions about your individual circumstances, please reach out to Associate Director of Academic Support, Katherine Swimm.