Academic Accommodations

In-Class Accommodations

Types of In-Class Accommodations

Depending on the nature of your individual disability, you may be eligible to certain in-class support services to provide you with equal access in the classroom. These services may be related to exams, assistive technology, note taking services, or other types of services. Your accommodations are determined based on a review of your submitted documentation and a meeting with an Student Accessibility Services (SAS) representative.

If you are a newly registering student, it is important to note that accommodations in high school may vary from accommodations in college, as learning objectives, curriculum structure, and educational resources may differ. When you meet with an SAS representative, we will discuss how our office will support you during this transition and assist in implementing the accommodations you will use in class.

SAS offers a number of in-class accommodations based on the individual needs of the student. In-class accommodations are provided after students have received their accommodation letter and given it to their professor. Examples of in-class accommodations may extend to the ability to:

  • Use a computer in-class to take notes 
  • Audio record a lecture
  • Take pictures of the black/white board 
  • Take breaks as needed for disability-related care
  • Have food in-class
  • Use a sign language interpreter
  • Use CART
  • Have a note-taker take a set of supplemental notes
  • Have some flexibility with presentations or class participation

Please remember that this list is not exhaustive and is based on individual needs.

How to Request In-Class Accommodation

After you have registered for accommodations, you must request accommodations every semester. This is because your professors and classes change each semester and they will need information on your individual accommodations.

To request accommodations letters each semester:

  1. Log onto Accommodate using your Tufts username and password. The SAS office strongly suggests bookmarking this link.
  2. Hover over the Accommodation tab, which will be the second option from the left. This will cause a dropdown menu to appear.
  3. Choose the third option, Semester Request.
  4. Click on the Request Accommodation button, either above or below the list of all of the accommodations you receive.
  5. Select the current Semester.
  6. Click on Submit for All Accommodations.
  7. You will receive an email from SAS within 48 hours telling you that your letters are ready to be picked up. You will need to pick them up on the Accommodate website. We will email you instructions for how to do that.


SAS may not override a professor’s absence policy at Tufts University. Professors are entitled to set their standard for how many absences a student may have before being penalized in their course. SAS recognizes that from time to time a student’s disability may warrant the need to miss class. SAS will work with students and their professors to make it known that the student does have a disability and may need some flexibility/understanding if they miss an occasional class. However it is up to the student to connect with the professor when they know that they will miss class, to keep on top of the work and to be aware how their absences may impact their final grade.

Students are also encouraged to work closely with their Advising Deans if they are concerned that they will miss class. Students may identify their advising dean by clicking here.