Exam Accommodations

Types of Exam-Related Accommodations

Depending on the nature of your disability, you may be eligible to testing support services, including a change in exam duration, distraction-reduced testing environments, and assistive technology use during exams.

How to Request Exam and Quiz Accommodation

Each semester you will need to request accommodations for your new classes and meet with your professors to discuss implementation of your accommodations. You will need to tell your professors if you will be utilizing exam-based accommodations, such as extended time in the classroom with the professor, or if you’ll be utilizing resources in the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office during your exam. It is critical to discuss your testing accommodation plans with your professors at least  seven days in advance of all scheduled in-class assessments.

If You Are Approved for Extended Time in the Classroom

Exams with extended time (not approved for a distraction-reduced environment) should be coordinated directly with your professor. You do not need to place a request or inform the SAS office, as the exam arrangement will be agreed upon with each individual professor. If you also qualify for distraction-reduced testing, please see the appropriate section below.

How Will I Utilize Extended Time with my Professor?

Professors typically implement the following strategies to provide students with extended time (though space and time availability varies by circumstance). Options include:

  • Start the exam early with the professor or TA and end with the class.
  • Start with the class, then utilize additional time at end of exam with the professor or TA.
  • Take your exam with the professor or TA at an alternate time or location.

Note: Please meet with your professors at least seven days prior to each exam to allow for discussion about how the exam will be proctored. Please understand that your professor may need to make arrangements for space, scheduling, and proctoring supports, and that early notification is imperative for coordinating your accommodation.

If You Are Approved for Distraction-Reduced Testing (Exams in the Academic Resource Center)

Due to the limited number of rooms, only students whose documentation asserts a need for a distraction-reduced testing environment have the option of taking exams at the SAS office.

Steps to request a distraction-reduced exam:

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. Submit the completed form to SAS via email or drop it off at the office.

Note: Please make sure to submit your form to SAS at least seven days before your exam; your professor is not responsible for placing this request. If you fail to do so, we cannot guarantee a room and you may have to make arrangements with your professor instead. We recommend you turn in your forms as soon as possible (you may even submit these at the start of the semester, since your syllabus will outline exam dates).