Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions arise frequently from students and parents.  

Many of these questions were submitted to our Anonymous Question Portal on the Tufts Hazing Prevention Website.  For questions submitted anonymously, any identifying information has been removed and the questions have been rephrased for broad application.

This list of questions will grow as more questions are submitted.

1. Is hazing-prevention really applicable to all student organizations?

Yes! Hazing can happen in any kind of student organization.  Nationally hazing has occurred in varsity and club athletics, student government groups, community service organizations, performance groups, fraternities and sororities, and honors societies.  At Tufts, we recognize that hazing can and does happen in a variety of groups and settings.  Even groups that do not haze can be part of the solution to help change the culture around hazing.

2. Is hazing illegal?

Yes.  You can learn more about the state laws regarding hazing here.