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Dinner and A Movie (Third Thursdays 6:30pm)

Dinner and a Movie is a monthly Women's Center event that gives students the opportunity to watch a film in a relaxed setting with a Tufts faculty or staff member and to examine the film through an intersectional feminist and social justice lens. Held on the third Thursday of most months during the school year.

First Friday Lunch (First Fridays 12pm)

This program gives students an opportunity to meet and have lunch in a relaxed setting with members of the Tufts community whose role and/or research can help us navigate gender and social justice issues on campus and in the world. Held on the first Friday of most months during the school year.

Late Night Study (Mon-Wed, 7-11pm)

The Women's Center is open for regular Late Night Study on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during each semester from 7 - 11 p.m.. Come to the Women's Center for some cozy study time complete with comfy couches, tea, snacks, and free printing! 

P.O.C. Circle (every other Thursday 7pm)

A new space dedicated to community care, solidarity, and intentional coalition building. Recognizing that a space like this hasn’t existed continuously at Tufts, we hope to provide an informal setting to come together. We meet every other Thursday at 7 pm in the Women’s Center. People of Color of all gender identities are welcome!

Peer Education

Peer Ed is a student-developed and led program that offers workshops to campus groups looking to investigate the group dynamics within their spaces. Peer Ed is currently offering two workshops: Intentional Space and Mapping Gender. Both workshops ask participants to think about the implications of their speech, to consider the varying experiences of their peers in the room, and to ask themselves how much space they take up both verbally and influentially. SAGE Peer Ed members are trained facilitators who can work with your group's needs.

Please contact SAGE at if you are a part of a club, sorority/fraternity, dorm, or other group that would like to learn more about Peer Ed or would like to host a workshop!

SAGE (Tues 6:30pm)

SAGE (Students Acting for Gender Equality) is the Women's Center Student Collaborative group. SAGE's mission is to foster an intentional and collaborative community in which we educate ourselves on gender and intersectional feminist issues while gaining the skills necessary to productively work towards gender and social justice at Tufts and beyond. We are committed to fighting for gender justice – which we see as incorporating both the realization of gender equality as well as achieving freedom of identities and expression – as well as racial justice, economic justice, disability justice, and other forms of liberation that we recognize as being intimately connected.

At SAGE, we actively explore and affirm the full spectrum of gendered experiencesthat exist across individuals and cultures. You do not have to identify as a feminist to join, but we do approach this work through a social justice and feminist lens. Within this, we take seriously the call to consider gender in conjunction with the experience of socio-economic status, race, sexual identity, and all other aspects of identity.

Come to a MeetingOur meetings are held every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Women's Center. You do not need to commit to all meetings to join us, so stop by! Students of all genders and identities welcome.

SAGE Retreats

Every year since 2008, SAGE has held a spring retreat at the beautiful Mill Falls resort in New Hampshire.. In the past, we have planned steps for work on action items around campus (TUPD escort service, gender neutral housing, fall resource campaign, etc.) and developed curriculum for the three components of SAGE: weekly SAGE meetings, SAGE Advice, and SAGE Peer Ed. The retreat, like many of our SAGE meetings, is also a time for us to reflect on our gendered experiences, discuss our vision of gender and social justice at Tufts and enjoy each other's company! This year, we thought about how the three components of SAGE work together and play off of each other, planned our Orientation and open house activities for the upcoming fall, and learned new facilitation skills for discussion groups and workshops.


1 a :a convivial party (as after a banquet in ancient Greece) with music and conversation b :a social gathering at which there is free interchange of ideas
2 a :a formal meeting at which several specialists deliver short addresses on a topic or on related topics
b :a collection of opinions on a subject c :discussion

Join the Tufts Women’s Center for our annual symposium, scheduled for Spring 2018. This year, we will be centering the roots of what a symposium is and through a lively gathering, exchange ideas around topics of Metaphors of the Body.

What are the ways that displacement and dispossession from climate change, state and systemic violence, colonial and other intergenerational trauma, impact our bodies and are represented through bodies? How do we center different modes of care and healing in the face of violence and trauma - for ourselves, our communities, and the dispossessed - as creating new ways of knowing and resistance and how we relate to bodies? How do we disrupt narrative of healing work as temporary and short term to understand that systemic forces create stressors and collective unwellness which require continual practices of healing?

While this will be an opportunity to showcase your academic papers and work through panels, presentations, and poster sessions, we also highly encourage submissions for art (performance, mixed media, poetry; all types of art!), workshops, works in progress, and other non-academic submissions.

Please send all submissions, questions and other thoughts to Koko Li at Submissions are due December 24th.

Past Projects

SAGE Advice

SAGE Advice is an opportunity for first year and transfer students to get to know upper-class students as well as other new students at Tufts. SAGE Advice is peer led by mentors from SAGE, many of whom went through SAGE Advice their first year. This program gives first-years a great opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with peers, a space to reflect on new college experiences, and to discuss common questions about transitioning to Tufts. Some of the topics that we cover include: an alternative campus tour, homesickness, academics and time management.

We are a group that is open to new students of all genders and identities. SAGE Advice focuses on successful transitions to college, the role of gender and social justice in our lives, and developing a common terminology for the issues we face daily. We meet weekly on Fridays at 11am in the fall semester.

Special Events

The Women's Center sponsors and cosponsors one- time events that bring in speakers to talk about an issue or topic related to women and gender. Previous topics have included: "Blue Talk and Love: A Conversation and Reading with Author Mecca Jamilla Sullivan", "Women of Color in Feminism Panel Discussion; "Sex Positive: Theory vs Reality", and, "Negotiating Positive Masculinities". Please contact us to learn more about these upcoming events.