Black Womyn's Collective

The Black Womyn’s Collective (BWC) of Tufts University was established in the 1980's by women seeking to enhance the bond between Black women at Tufts. Over the years, BWC has grown in size, as well as purpose. Today it has become a more multi-racial organization, catering to all women of color who share similar issues, goals and values of it originators. The goal of BWC is to enhance the connection between women of color on the Tufts campus, and other campuses in the Boston area, creating a solid foundation and support network for women of color.

Through facilitated bi-weekly meetings, the BWC discusses issues surrounding sexual and cultural identity, racial identity, and the formation and maintenance of healthy relationships. In addition, the BWC provides an open and safe environment in which women of color are able to speak about personal conflicts and develop a sense of community and mutual respect between women of different ethnic, social, cultural, class, and family backgrounds.

Upcoming Meetings

Every Tuesday at 7 p.m., Africana Center Lounge

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