Vendor Information

Mini-Fridge Units

For the 2020-2021 academic year, minifridge-and-microwave combination units will be provided for each student room in our traditional residence halls. As a reminder, these combination units are set up specifically to work in a way such that the refrigerator portion is temporarily suspended while the microwave is in use. This is an approved unit via our Fire Safety guidelines and students are not allowed to bring in microwave units of their own. If you are looking to bring your own refrigerator unit to campus, please contact our office at

Small woodframe houses (i.e. Fraternity/Sorority, Special Interest/Theme, and Language houses) as well as apartment-style locations (CoHos, Latin Way, Sophia Gordon, Hillside, 9-11 Sunset and 10 Winthrop) serve a smaller population with access to a full kitchen. If students are interested in renting or purchasing a smaller unit for your individual space, you may do so by contacting our preferred vendor, MicroFridge, to place an order.

Student Storage Services with UPS Store

Tufts University has partnered with The UPS Store Student Storage Service to make move-out (and move-in) easy and stress-free by providing convenient on-campus drop off locations for summer storage and UPS shipping solutions. To make move-in as easy as possible, Tufts and The UPS Store Storage Service have arranged to have your storage returned directly to your residence hall room and will be waiting for you when you return to school.

The UPS Store will be set up at different locations on campus during the week of move-out to hand out free supplies for storage customers, take incoming storage, or ship your items home! For More information on the student storage program including specific dates when on-campus storage stations will be set up, visit The UPS Store’s Tufts University info page at

Have further questions about The UPS Store Student Storage Service? Visit or call (617)-208-8226 today!


For more information on pricing for these options, please visit the UPS Storage and Shipping page at

The UPS Store Student Storage Program is the only storage company partnering with Tufts University for these services.