Hillside Apartments

Hillsides Apartments are located uphill between Dowling and Hill with a parking lot behind the buildings. 


  • Apartment Style: refer to floor plan for room sizes
  • Please note, the linens pictured are not included with the rooms.

Hillsides_Single_2 Hillsides_Single

Hillside Single

Hillsides_Double_2 Hillsides_Double

Hillside Double

  • Furniture provided for each student:
    • 1 extra long twin bed
      • multi-positioned beds that have 11 height adjustments up to 32 inches, with 30 inches of space underneath when raised to maximum height
    • 1 desk
    • 1 desk chair
    • 1 closet
    • 1 dresser
  • 1 window with shade


Hillsides_Bathroom Hillsides_Bathroom_2

Please consult the floor plans of the suite you desire to see the bathroom layout.

Common Areas

Hillsides_CommonRoom_2 Hillsides_CommonRoom
Hillsides_Kitchen_2 Hillsides_Kitchen

Each apartment and suite has a common living room with a dining table, couch and chairs and a kitchen with pantries, counter space, stove, and refrigerator.


  • Vending machines below 170's

Hillsides_Laundry Hillsides_Laundry_2

3 washers and 3 dryers below the 170's. Additional Laundry Units also available in the building to the right of the 20's.


Mailboxes in the first floor stack of the building to the right of the 20's.