Room-Change Process

Interested in changing rooms?

From time to time, students may wish to change their room assignment, either because of a desire for a different location, due to a roommate/community conflict, or for other reasons. We ask that students first discuss a possible room change with their Resident Assistant. Oftentimes, the student staff member can provide helpful insight or guidance in how to navigate conflict, or alternatively, they can help residents work through the room change process and connect them with a professional staff member who can provide direct support. 

Your Resident Assistant, Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Residence Life Coordinator will be able to provide students with additional information pertaining to the room change process.

Overview of the Room Change Process

  1. Student wishing to move meets with their Resident Assistant. For residents who do not have a student staff member in their building, contact the ORLL main office (617-627-3248).
  2. Resident Assistant and student meet to talk about reasons for the move request, and to share the room change process.
  3. If the student wishes to speak with a professional staff member, they should reach out to their Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Residence Life Coordinator, or Assistant Director. For assistance with determining the best staff member to connect with, contact the ORLL main office (617-627-3248).
  4. Student will receive additional information which may include the link to the room change form and will then be contacted by an ORLL staff member to discuss options for moves (if available).

Important Details

  • If you are interested in switching rooms with a suitemate/apartment-mate, you must notify Residential Operations via email (cc'ing the parties involved) at You will receive confirmation via email and then be updated on the rosters, which are shared with Mail Services, TUPD, and Residential Life staff. 
  • Students who switch rooms without authorization are subject to fines and the student code of conduct.
  • We try to provide 24-48 hours notice of a new roommate moving in.
  • If you are approved to change rooms, you will be given temporary access to both spaces so you have time to move.