Room Change Process

Interested in changing rooms? Here is what you need to know:

Room Change Periods
  • Open Room Change Period (students can request an appointment and apply to change room assignments for any reason): October 1 - October 15
  • Limited Room Change Period (students must meet with their Graduate Residence Director and/or Assistant Director of Residential Life before being referred - if necessary - to Housing Operations): October 15 - November 1
  • Administrative Room Change Period (emergencies only): November 1 - December 20
Overview of the Room Change Steps
  1. Students request a room change appointment with a member of the Housing Operations team.
  2. Housing Operations team member and student meet to review options available at that point in time.
  3. Student will gain contact information for potential roommates to set up a meeting/visit the potential new space.
  4. Student communicates back to Housing Operations which space is desired and discusses logistics planning (move date, key exchange, access control).

Once the student has gained access to their new room, their student bill will be updated accordingly (pro-rated daily if there is a rate change). 

Important Details
  • If you are interested in switching rooms with a suitemate/apartment-mate, you must notify Housing Operations via email (cc'ing the parties involved) at You will receive confirmation via email and then be updated on the rosters, which are shared with Mail Services, TUPD, and Residential Life staff. 
  • Students who switch rooms without authorization are subject to fines and the student code of conduct.
  • Current residents are given 24-48 hours notice of a new roommate moving in.
  • If you are approved to change rooms, you will be given temporary access to both spaces so you have time to move.