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Fenway Area Resources for Food

Greater Boston Food Bank

To find locations near you, type in your zip code into their online form.

Project Bread 

Project Bread is a statewide information and referral source for people facing hunger. They will refer you to emergency food sources in your area as well as provide information on school meals, summer food sites for children, elder meal programs, SNAP, etc. They will also screen for SNAP eligibility and help with applications for SNAP. They offer help in 160 different languages.

  • Food Source Hotline: 1-800-645-8333

Two Dollars a Bag Program

The $2 Bag Program is a Dorchester-based community agency that hands out fresh fruits and vegetables in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Anyone in need is welcome and an ID or referral is NOT required. There are no income limits and you don’t have to sign up ahead of time. You also won’t be turned down if you can’t pay the $2.00 a bag fee.

Locations around our area include:

Anyone who wants/needs regular access to food can volunteer as little as 3 hours per month at any of the Two Dollar a Bag sites.  After your shift, you could have all the food you can carry out.  You could volunteer any time you need food.

  • Call Two Dollar a Bag: 617-288-6185

Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck  is on a mission to radically impact community health by getting food to people that need it the most. They host a Weekly Market, a year-round mobile grocery story bringing healthy, affordable food to the same place, at the same time, every week for families that need it most; as well as Pop-up Events, when the Fresh Truck bus becomes a customizable food centered activity hub for block parties, cooking demos and workshops.

Here are two of the closest markets to SMFA:

Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck